Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin leads retailers to be the hero and solve the industry’s biggest B2B challenges online and offline.

All companies rely on content to get their message out there. There are many forms: blogs, emails, Instagram, Twitter, websites. But what exactly is content, SEO and how do you improve yours?

On this episode of Bricks and Clicks, host Jennifer Ruscin speaks to content guru Susan Guillory, President of Egg Marketing.

When Guillory starts working with a company, she starts on her blog. She thinks it’s often best to work on content that the company knows best. If a consumer searches for a product and finds it on your blog through SEO content, you’ve achieved your goal. Then you need to make sure the font is solid enough to make you buy.

Learn how to create the best content, improve your content and writing, improve your SEO, and what the content marketing professionals are doing to get users to land on your website.

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