How three items of search engine optimization knowledge can gas your PR technique

Conversations about integrating PR and SEO are nothing new. However, after a few years, are we confident that enough information will be exchanged between the two disciplines? The saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” sounds right. Often, PR and SEO departments act independently of each other, without being aware of their influence on each other’s results or how they could help each other.

While resource sharing is mutually beneficial, this post looks at something else: How PR professionals can use SEO data to build strategies. SEO data can tell communicators what websites to target, what topics to focus on, and how to get the longest on media coverage.

Use the domain authority to prioritize the target press

While reader metrics are more important to PR, being able to identify a website’s SEO worth is valuable. This determines how prominent your content is in the search engines and how long it stays visible.

There is a lot of data that tells a story about a website, but Domain Authority (DA) is a good place to start. DA is a number between 1 and 100 that predicts the likelihood of a website ranking on search engine results pages. It is calculated using several factors.

Almost every SEO tool gives you access to a DA function. You can also do a limited number of free searches in the Moz Open Site Explorer. This provides a DA number for your target press in a matter of seconds.

It should be noted that a low score doesn’t necessarily mean a bad website. A low score could just mean a newer website as age is a factor that makes up that score.

Use link profile tools to identify new publications

Link profile tools offer several advantages. Mainly, they tell you which websites have been linked to you in a given period of time. This is useful for identifying the coverage that you may have missed. These tools are especially useful for tracking down websites and online magazines to target.

Tools like SEMrush’s Backlink Gap and Moz’s Link Intersect Tool can help you find websites that refer to your competitors but not you. If a publication includes several other companies in your industry, there is a good chance it will be open to working with you as well.

Link profile tools are also great for getting an indication of what the competition is doing.

Using keyword research tools to identify topics of interest

The crossover between SEO and PR isn’t just about improving reporting. Also use SEO data in the brainstorming phase of campaigns. Keyword research tools show what your target audience is looking for and what questions they are asking on a topic so that you can access something with content.

You don’t have to be tied to long, expensive contracts. Google’s People Also Ask feature is a great way to think about what the audience would like to know about a topic. In the meantime, Google’s Keyword Planner can only provide search volume estimates with a Google Ads account.

Another free tool, Google Trends, shows you the popularity of certain phrases over time, as well as other interesting search trends.

In short, it’s important to consider the usefulness of SEO data at every stage of your PR strategy.

Joe Friedlein is the founder and CEO of Browser Media


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