Social media is a powerful marketing tool when it has reached its full potential. But knowing what each platform offers and which one is best for your business can be a small minefield.

SmartCompany and MYOB recently brought together a panel of experts for a webinar hosted by SmartCompany Editor Eloise Keating to discuss her experiences with different platforms and to unpack the different elements of social media marketing.

Sabri Suby, Founder and Head of Growth at the digital agency King Kong, spoke about the importance of authenticity in social media, while Jane Betschel, Head of Marketing and Digital Sales at MYOB, highlighted the customer journey across all platforms and Mia Plecic, Founder of Slick Hair Co brought her experience building a new business to the session.

Trending or proven?

With so many platforms new and existing, figuring out which one is best for your business can be a little daunting – you should try to take advantage of the latest trending platform’s free organic reach, or pay for marketing on a tried and tested platform currently?

Plecic says she chose TikTok to share behind-the-scenes video content during the pandemic and hasn’t looked back. One of her first posts had more than 3,000,000 views and generated $ 35,000 in overnight revenue thanks to TikTok’s organic reach.

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She now has 2.6 million TikTok likes and 76,700 followers and is using the platform to not only drive sales but also drive customers to her Instagram account, website and email database.

“We are represented on most platforms, Instagram is a big one for us. We have a really big audience on Instagram and we share a lot on this platform, ”she says. “But I can’t get past TikTok – [it] was an incredible tool for our business growth. “

In addition to evaluating fast-growing platforms, Suby also looks at those with longevity and a high number of active users. Its platform of choice is YouTube because of its marketing traction over time.

“It works very differently from other social media platforms; You produce content, publish it, and it gains momentum over the months and years. It really is an asset that continues to work for you, ”he says.

According to Suby, most platforms are inevitably moving to a “pay-to-play” model where users have to pay to keep their organic reach at a sustainable level.

The journey vs. the destination

Understanding the customer journey and the role of various platforms, apps, websites, and tools in the process is critical to designing a social media marketing plan and getting a good ROI, says Betschel.

“That’s the magic, that’s what we’re always trying to find out. We call it multi-touch attribution, we try to understand all the different things that are going on [in that journey],” She says.

“It’s so important because otherwise you won’t know where to invest more money.”

Social media is an essential tool to add to your mailing list as well, which Suby believes is fundamental to business success.

“The ultimate goal of all for me is to get people into my email database,” he says.

“These platforms come and go. I could turn off all my marketing for six months and not even feel a rash from having a monster email [database] with whom I have built a relationship. “

Authenticity is the key to success

All panelists believed that authenticity is the key to success in social media marketing. Taking a look behind the scenes with customers creates trust and loyalty.

“It’s all about being really authentic and sharing your story,” says Suby.

“If you try to play the middle game on social media and try to please everyone, you’ll end up with just vanilla and mediocrity.

“If you can bring a bit of flair and character with you and don’t try to respond to every single person, then you are building a deep connection with the people who deal with you and your brand. It should be 80% value and 20% pitch. “

Plecic says she tries to be as authentic as possible on her vlogs in order to create a personal connection with customers.

“We build a relationship with my potential clients by being completely vulnerable, open and sharing my journey as a young entrepreneur.”

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