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How VPS Internet hosting Can Increase Your search engine optimisation


Hosting providers offer you easy access to the online world. However, building a website is only the first step in making your project a success. How are you going to promote the website? Which channels would you address the most? Should you go for paid ads, organic traffic, or a combination of both?

While you have many business decisions ahead of you, choosing a web hosting plan is the foundation on which it all rests. If your foundation isn’t solid, even the fanciest roof will crumble.

Here is our take on one of the trendiest services in web hosting – virtual private servers.

What is VPS hosting?

Hosting providers use a process called virtualization to split a single physical server into multiple virtual instances. The host allocates a dedicated set of system resources to each user and isolates each account in a caged environment, acting completely independently.

VPS services solve many of the problems associated with shared hosting – oversold servers, wasted resources, hacking violations of neighboring accounts.

Compared to the next step you can take of renting an entire dedicated server, VPS platforms are much cheaper while retaining most of the benefits.

Types of VPS hosting

In terms of what’s in the package, there are two different types of VPS hosting – managed and unmanaged.

If you are a beginner in this field and don’t have a lot of technical knowledge about setting up and managing servers, a managed VPS deal is your best bet. Although this service is a little more expensive, it gives you the option of using your provider’s competent support team. Your role usually includes initial server setup, hardware maintenance, software installation, updates, and technical issues. You can see how useful this extra help is for startups and SMBs with less experience in this field.

In comparison, unmanaged VPS solutions are definitely a better fit for the pros. The service includes the monthly rental of a bare metal machine and likely an initial setup. You have full control over the server. What you do with it is entirely up to you. However, because technical support is not included, if you run into any problems, you are alone. Managing a virtual server may be a breeze for seasoned developers and web administrators, but beginners can find the service a bit overwhelming.


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What is SEO

Now for the good stuff.

You have a reliable hosting provider and your website is up and running – what’s next?

When promoting your project online, it is important to use multiple channels to get the best effect. A proper SEO strategy should be part of your first steps.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and describes the process of improving your website in order to get better rankings and more recognition in search engines. It’s an ongoing process that has the potential to generate excellent organic traffic, and most importantly, it’s absolutely free to employ.

Understanding SEO is not the easiest thing in the world. There are over 200 factors and search engine giants like Google do their best to keep their cards close when it comes to explaining how the algorithms work.
However, from what we know and see from our own tests, there are numerous ways web hosting can impact SEO.

VPS hosting SEO advantages

Aside from its business benefits, a great virtual private server can also bring some search engine optimization benefits. These include:

  • Optimized site speed – If there is one thing we definitely know about Google rankings is that website speed is an important factor when it comes to better ranking in search results. If two websites offer similar content and site structure, the faster will always rank better. Because VPS hosting offers a dedicated amount of resources and scalability, you can ensure an optimized environment for your site that can run at lightning speed.
  • Guaranteed uptime – A big advantage of a reliable VPS host is that the company guarantees the availability of your website at all times. Based on the server data center and the facility, the provider can set up numerous fail-safe procedures so that your online project is active at all times. Cloud VPS solutions are particularly advantageous in this regard, as they allow you to employ a huge network of servers, each of which contains a copy of your site content. Of course, you should never overlook best practices like account monitoring and daily backups. In terms of search engine optimization, this ensures that the search engine robots always see your website as functional and reliable, which gives it a later increase in rankings.
  • Hardened security – Although it does not directly affect SEO, the security of your website should always be a top priority. Imagine a scenario where hackers break in and replace the content of your website with their own or remove it entirely. When you look around your website, search engine crawlers see irrelevant, dangerous, or missing pages – all of these are alarming indicators when it comes to evaluating content.
  • Root access – If you are able to change everything in your server configuration, you have the flexibility to apply certain tweaks or install plugins with less standard requirements. While some managed VPS hosts offer this, the best way to get full root access is on an unmanaged computer. Provided you have enough help or know what you’re doing, there is no better way to make your server perfect.
  • HTTPS encryption – While Google has pointed this out a number of times in the past, it has now confirmed that HTTPS encryption is not only a search ranking factor, but also has a high priority. SSL certificates are the tools to ensure all “communication” between browser and server. With the market even offering free SSL solutions today, you have no excuse for not getting one. Building up customer trust and loyalty while enjoying some cute SEO perks should be a breeze.
  • Dedicated IP – Your own IP address may not have a direct impact on your SEO, but it does bring a lot of free benefits. The dedicated IP enables easy server access and improved security, both essential aspects of your online business. Not to mention, you need one to install a private SSL certificate. Reliable VPS providers often include at least one free dedicated IP address in their virtual server packages.

In conclusion, your VPS host plays a key role in your SEO efforts. A great hosting provider will ensure that your server is always up and running, running quickly, and properly protected against unauthorized access. Combined with a suitable website building tool, plugins, and marketing strategy, you are already well on the way to impressing search engines and organic visitors.