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Hwang In Yeop reveals his favourite dialogue from Han Website positioning Jun and is related to Lim Ju Gyeong from Moon Ga Younger


In a recent interview, Hwang In Yeop discussed his favorite line of True Beauty.

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Hwang In Yeop reveals his favorite dialogue from Han Seo Jun and is associated with Lim Ju Gyeong from Moon Ga Young

Hwang In Yeop is sure to be on everyone’s lips following the recent True Beauty graduation. * SPOILERS ALERT * In Yeop, Han Seo Jun, a charismatic and goofy bad boy with a heart of gold Jun’s favor, since he doesn’t end up with the girl, wrote his adorable argument with Lim Ju Gyeong (Moon Ga Young) by fans much loved and appreciated. So much so that the fans split up into teams of two: Team Suho versus Team Seo Jun and a special group of fans were Team Sujun!

In a recent interview with Osen about Soompi, Hwang In Yeop discussed his much-discussed character Han Seo Jun and also revealed his most memorable dialogue on the series. In Yeop, “Waver Only Once” revealed what he says to Lim Ju Gyeong when he tries to recruit her as a potential girlfriend. The actor also hailed co-actors Cha Eun Woo and Moon Ga Young. He shared that you have been very encouraging as he is a rookie actor and has shared some valuable posts with him as well.

Hwang In Yeop previously appeared in Tale of Nokdu and 18 Again. However, his performance as Han Seo Jun earned him tremendous popularity with K fans. His current Instagram popularity is a whopping 7.3 million on Instagram and he’s one of Hallyu’s hottest stars right now.

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