We are going to talk about three topics in this topic:

How much does a website cost for a small business?

How long does it take to build a website for a small business?

What to look for on a small business website

How much does a website cost for a small business?

There are different price ranges for a website in Dubai. We have this in the article “How Much Does a Website Cost in Dubai?” Examined in Websima’s blog. You can read this article to find out the price of website design in Dubai. But here we are trying to discuss the price of a website for a small business.

As a small business, you can remove some costly options to create a decent but inexpensive website.

For example, we recommend that you use WordPress as your CMS. We also recommend that you forget about the complicated functions at the beginning of the project. You don’t expect millions of visitors in the first year, so better not to spend a lot of money on inconvenient features.

However, you should invest in your design as it will be your store showcase and it would spoil the first impression of your customers.

Based on the above, the cost of a small business website would be in our first category, which is between AED 8,000 and AED 30,000.

Note that this number is for a custom designed website. If you are ready to have a template website, the cost will be significantly reduced and will be anywhere from 3,000 to 15,000. However, we don’t recommend using a template website as you will miss out on the benefits of a custom website.

How long does it take to build a website for a small business?

To understand how long it takes to build a website in Dubai, read the “How long does it take to build a new website” article on Websima’s blog. Here, we’ll focus on the timeline of a small business website.

In Websima DMCC we have seven steps to create a website. For details on the steps, see the “Website Design Services” article on our website. Here’s an attempt to estimate the length of time each stage would take for a small business:

Understanding the project and its purposes: This step would take about 2 days for a small business with no complicated feature.

Writing a Proposal as a Project Leader Plan: Small business proposal won’t take that long. The preparation of a proposal for the project should take a maximum of 2 days. However, we assume that this will happen in a day.

Visual Identity and Content Priority: We expect this step to take around 5 days for a small business.

Graphic Design: This step would be the most time consuming step for such a website. Because as mentioned earlier, design will be an essential factor for small businesses. As a result, this step would take about 14 days.

Coding the website with SEO standards in mind: coding such a website is not that complicated. However, all measures for a high speed and standard SEO website should be considered. We expect this step to take about 10 days.

Test & quality checks: 2 days

Training and relocation of the domain: 1 day

Based on the information presented above, we estimate that it takes about 35 days to create a website for a small business.

What to look for on a small business website

While it took less time to build a website for a small business, that doesn’t mean it will sacrifice quality! What makes a small business website different from other businesses isn’t the quality. it’s the size and the features.

Note that while we can offer template websites for a much cheaper price, we definitely don’t recommend them. You can read the article “Business / Corporate Website” on Websima’s blog to better understand what your website needs. A small business website is no exception.

Check out the following summary of why we don’t recommend the template website:

SEO standards: Such a website should be SEO standard; Otherwise, you will have difficulty attracting visitors later and you will end up building a new website using SEO standards.

Responsive design: Whether it’s a small or a large business website, it should be responsive. You can’t tell your customers not to use their smartphones or tablets to check your website because you are a small business! Responsive design is a must for any type of website today.

Exclusive graphic design: Exclusive graphic design sets you apart from your competitors and other companies. If a visitor understands that you are using a typical design used by other websites, you will not get credit for your website. The first impression is the most important factor in the attractiveness of your website. This can be achieved by applying an exclusive graphic design.

When you have a low quality website, there will come a day when you need to completely change your website if your business has not already failed for the same reason (low quality website)!

At Websima DMCC, our focus is on meeting your price expectations as we keep the quality high. We make sure that Webisma DMCC takes care of the SEO standards of your website and its appealing design. In addition, we always present a unique and exclusive design for your website.

Websim is a web design company based in Dubai. We know the competitive market in the world. Because of this, we have developed updated technology to increase your brand awareness, whether you are a start-up, a small business, or a large company.

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