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Jung Woo and Oh Yeon Web optimization speak about their chemistry + why they picked their quirky characters in a brand new drama


On May 24th, the new KakaoTV original drama “Mad for Each Other” (also translated as “Crazy Person in the Area”) hosted an online press conference with director Lee Tae Gon and lead actors Jung Woo and Oh Yeon Seo.

“Mad for Each Other” is a drama about the unpredictable romance between No Hwi Oh (Jung Woo), a man with anger problems who has no control over his temperament, and Lee Min Kyung, a woman who will always make other people think mad at her.

Regarding the powerful sounding title, director Lee Tae Gon said: “We don’t really know the people around us. If someone is acting rude or in a way that is not the norm, we say they are insane. But once we get to know them, we find that they are normal and just like us. The drama is about the question, “Is this person really crazy?” And whether we still consider people crazy after meeting them. “

Jung Woo’s character, No Hwi Oh, was a passionate cop before his life collapsed after an incident and he developed problems with anger management. Oh Yeon Seo’s character, Lee Min Kyung, had the perfect life before everything collapses due to an incident and she closes her heart to others.

When asked why he chose the project, Jung Woo said, “I heard Lee Tae Gon was leading the project and I was curious and excited about it. When I read the script it felt very fresh, new and creative. Although the character didn’t exist in real life, he felt very realistic. It felt like someone I could meet in real life so I had a lot of fun reading the script. “

He added, “I encountered this drama when I was feeling mentally and physically tired of doing tough projects. I didn’t think about it for long, I really wanted to play this character. “

Oh Yeon Seo also shared that she was a fan of director Lee Tae Gon. “I met with him and said that I wanted to do the project. Then I found out that Jung Woo was going to be my co-star. I’ve decided to trust both the director and my co-star. “

She continued, “I worked hard on set, but Jung Woo and the director filled in many of the parts that I was missing. If the drama is going well and the character is receiving love, it is because these two people and the staff helped me. I had a lot of fun filming. “

Commenting on their chemistry working together, she said, “Whatever I tried to do about acting, he would respond well. When we rehearsed he suggested ideas, and when I suggested ideas he used them well. “

Jung Woo said, “I was curious what kind of actor she was. She was cooler and more relaxed on set than I expected. She respects the people around her and works hard to make the atmosphere on the set brighter. I could also see her working hard as an actress to push the boundaries of her own thoughts. “

“Mad for Each Other” will air May 24th and will air a new episode every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. KST.

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