Local entrepreneur Jessica “J Bohn” Bishop today announced a new service she is bringing to the Smith Mountain Lake community – social media marketing partnerships and mentoring.

A native of Smith Mountain Lake, Bishop has been a social retailer since 2013 and ranks in the top 1% of her business every year. She has received top honors in sales and recruiting, and has spent a lot of time training her teams and presenting topics at national sales conferences that would help others move forward in the industry and achieve success, as they do in social selling -World has done.

For the past eight years she has been using social media platforms to build her own brand and connect with her target audience. She has proven very successful in building lasting relationships and repeat customers no matter what she shares. Currently, Bishop offers a personalized design and gift service through her womenswear and accessories brand, which she operates 99% online.

When in 2020 many local businesses were forced to turn to social platforms to attract customers, Bishop immediately saw the need to train others on the fundamentals of digital operations. For example, two retail stores on Bridgewater Plaza secured Bishop’s services when they offered support in that media.

“It was really before the pandemic started that I knew how important our region is to social media support,” Bishop explained. “As a member of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Ambassador Council, I have built many relationships with local business owners and have learned that they don’t have a dedicated social media manager for their sites. A. Many of them are trying to get their business done juggling and sharing on social media every day, which in itself can be a full-time job. “

Since 2019, Bishop has managed the accounts of several companies here at SML, including two world-class waterfront restaurants, a property and vacation rental company, and two different salons and spas. With effect from January 2021, she decided to go one step further and put an LLC behind “KEEPin ‘Up with J Bohn” in order to expand her service portfolio.

With the hiring of Trevor Smith, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Bishop is now accepting clients for managing social media strategy and offering a mentoring program where small business owners who don’t want to commit to a monthly agreement use Bishop as a tool for the growth can leverage their brand online as needed.

Haley Shively, owner of Gracefully Crafted in Penhook, had her first mentoring session with KEEPin ‘Up with J Bohn the first week Bishop offered it.

“From the moment we met, we clicked immediately! J Bohn is such a kind person and very helpful and intelligent in her field. My hour long session flew by and she answered all of my questions and helped me learn things I need one more session already booked and can’t wait to meet again, “Shively said.

“KEEPin ‘Up with J Bohn is committed to helping small, local businesses here on Smith Mountain Lake grow their social media presence. As a destination, I know the importance of meeting these vacationers before they arrive at the lake In addition, I feel that I have the experience to coach others to work in this industry in the things that I have implemented, ”added Bischof.