THE ANGEL, April 26, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Digital Marketing Veteran and Co-Founder of GR0 Kevin Miller started his own personal website listing his various work experiences from SEO skills to personal investments. This stylish new web destination offers a complete look at Miller’s various accomplishments and work history that led him to CEO of GR0, and a recap of what he has learned from all of those experiences. It is currently available and freely accessible at where users can enjoy a variety of multimedia, blog posts, and more.

A graduate of Georgetown University Miller, McDonough School of Business, has extensive experience in digital sales and online growth. Starting with Google, Miller spent six years in online marketing and sales, serving as an Account Associate and in senior positions such as Director of Growth. This eventually paved the way for him to become CEO. In doing so, he was able to gain valuable insights into the digital space and transfer this deep knowledge to his latest company, GR0, where he helps brands improve their rankings on Google through organic search.

In his spare time, Miller spent several years developing Miller Projects LLC creating a project called The Word Counter. This website analyzes the text for legibility, offers advice on how many pages a word count would fill, and even presents a word decipherer to help players like Scrabble or Words With Friends. As part of Miller Projects, Kevin acts as a consultancy to design and develop digital web experiences that users will love. This is based on his firm understanding that audiences seek interactivity and engagement with the content they consume, and that by providing compelling platforms, they can deepen a brand’s relationship with audiences.

Miller ventures into the world of investing using AngelList where he can connect with and invest in technology startups. There he is involved in four independent startups that specialize in consumer automobiles, self-motivation, and even agricultural cash flows. But he’s also been able to learn about the trends that technology is driving in the physical and digital space, and how those things might overlap with his SEO work. Additionally, Miller is able to network and connect with prospects as he continues to build GR0 as his own startup. This is all part of his startup personality where he prefers to work freely and nimble, with a scope so limited that he can still exercise creative freedoms. He has always admired this work culture and continues to connect with it, whether it’s his own business or another.

With this new website, Kevin Miller is pleased to offer his SEO, investing and entrepreneurship experience in one convenient location. This is not a boast, but hopefully a series of lessons that can enable young entrepreneurs to start their own businesses or discover something new in the world of investing.

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