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Many skills are required to make web design effective. Often times, individuals work in groups to create graphics, text, user interface, and code, as well as to study the user experience and optimize the website for search engines.

A modern website is both a visual art object and a means of communication. At the same time, it’s a piece of technology and we expect it to work smoothly and be accessible. An efficient website attracts customers and is easy to use.

The visual aspect of web design principles includes:

Text and image, the size of various objects, buttons, images and pieces of text are contrasted.

The contrast distinguishes different elements and draws people’s attention. The contrast can be too strong and aggressive or, on the contrary, insufficient if the page looks monotonous and makes you bored. The right contrast is such a relationship between different design elements that enhance each of them without disturbing harmony.

It is widely used in web design when an entire website is built on a linear pattern, with all pages of a similar structure. The repetitive pattern, consistency, and predictability all comfort and relax the user.

Images, text fragments and logos are placed in blocks. There is a certain logic behind a composition on a page. All elements are opposed to negative space, on which there is nothing. The website looks clean and clear. The visual hierarchy isn’t upset.

Design elements arranged side by side form a group and are viewed as a whole. Buttons often stick together on one side. The juxtaposition of several small pictures looks like a large collage. The principle helps organize information with visual means and delivers its logic to website visitors.

However, web design is not just about graphics, it is about communication between a user and an organization or brand.

Successful communication is:

  • Clear. A site conveys the goal of communication.

  • Concise. It gives the user all the information they need and doesn’t distract the user with unnecessary details, too much noise or choices.

  • Concrete. The website is straightforward and focused.

  • Right. There are no bugs or inconsistencies and all functions work without errors.

  • Coherent. The website has logic that is instantly understood by all users, while the layout and language are consistent.

  • Complete. The content contains all important information, contacts, FAQs and a clearly defined call to action.

  • Polite. A user is treated in a friendly and open manner.

Communication is a two-way process, and visitors who land on a website have their own goals. You are not rational; they are impatient; They only follow your story when it speaks to you.

What are the 8 basic web design principles?

Visual arts and communication skills using modern technology are at the core of good website design. Even without admitting it, a user expects a website to:

  • Mobile friendly. The web resource must be easy to use on any device, and the site design should adapt to a smaller screen without being uncomfortable for a user. All action buttons must be visible with no additional scrolling required.

  • Tried it well. Improve the user experience through testing. You design a website with good intentions, but if you don’t review how others are using it, you’ll never get your website perfect.

If any of the design principles are not implemented, users will leave the website without interacting with it.

Trends and styles change, and minimalist websites compete with luscious ones. However, effective web design is still based on the factors and communication rules listed above. The team of professionals from the Alice Wonder Studio will help you implement these good design principles and reach your audience effectively and with style!


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