Is your brand in the process of making new efforts in the field of social networking? You should know that this is not just about opening an account in these areas and getting something public, it also requires a clear plan or strategy in order to get results. Before developing the social media strategy, however, there are a few key questions that need to be answered so that you can work better. This post lists some of those questions that you can’t lose sight of.

According to various experts on the subject, these are some of the questions that you should ask and answer before embarking on a social media marketing strategy:

As a starting point, Social Media Today highlights that everyone in charge of strategy should start with this key question.

The answer to this is important, as deciphering the goals helps develop an effective strategy that will make it easier to meet those goals and set the guidelines for the various content that will be shared.

One aspect of great importance when defining goals is working with the well-known SMART format. This means that the defined goals must be specific, measurable, feasible, realistic and limited to a certain period of time.

Who is the target group?

Discover who the target audience is. This is another important element required in any social media marketing strategy, along with the content that this brand or business effort will require.

Those responsible for the task need to identify elements such as demographic and psychographic data, including issues with competitors they follow, publications and websites that, among other things, grab their attention.

The more detail you have about the audience, the easier it will be to create content that bridges the gaps between the brand and these people by adding value to their lives.

How do I want to be perceived by the audience in social networks?

By having a clear target group, the corporate company indicates that you need to get rid of all the technical jargon and make the human side of the brand shine. This means that colors, images, and fonts must be consistent and uniform in order to drive brand awareness. But it also means that you need to use social media posts to show that you understand what the customer wants and why they want it.

In making a better connection with your audience, you need to give more than you get. As a result, customers see the company as a company that is honest and helpful and increases willingness to buy in due course.

What are the important KPIs?

Finally, from Top Rank, they highlight the importance of performance metrics as another question that needs to be answered in social media marketing strategy.

It’s important to set the KPIs, but it’s also important to prioritize them. These priorities can and should change over time. However, you should have a list before planning your next campaign.

For example, you could start with the primary goal of increasing audience size, the secondary goal of getting more subscribers to the website, and downloading an asset or other item as a tertiary goal.