Another exciting episode is coming up for OCNs “Instances”!

“Instances” is a “time warp” drama about two people who live on numerous occasions and are linked by a mysterious cell phone name. Seo Jung In (Lee Joo Younger), the daughter of South Korean President Seo Gi Tae (Kim Younger Chul), lives in 2020 while Lee Jin Woo (Lee Seo Jin), a passionate and knowledgeable reporter, lives in 2015. Seo Jung Lee helps Jin Woo avoid wasting her father’s life, but the two impose unexpected punishments.


One of the many puzzles within the drama concerns the untimely death of Lee Geun Woo (Ha Jun), Lee Jin Woo’s teenage brother and Seo Gi Tae’s former aide. Lee Geun Woo made enemies when he revealed the existence of JC Communications’ illegal slush fund, involving political figures like Seo Gi Tae, Kim Younger Joo (Moon Jung Hee), Baek Gyu Min (Music Younger Chang) and Nam Sung Bum were involved (Yoo Sung Joo). After discovering the evidence his brother had collected, Lee Jin Woo suspected that Seo Gi Tae was the assassin, but Seo Gi Tae insisted on his innocence.

In the brand new stills, Nam Sung Bum searches for Lee Jin Woo while grabbing straws to survive. He includes him with a troubled face and makes a request, but Lee Jin Woo’s answer is ambiguous. The preview of this episode revealed that there might be a brand new clue as to what Nam Sung Bum has to say. After taking a risk in his life, Nam Sung Bum says to an unknown person, “You shouldn’t overlook what I know.” He approaches Lee Jin Woo with the bait that he is aware of something about Lee Geun Woo’s death.

Meanwhile, Seo Jung In and Lee Jin Woo’s troubled partnership broke down when their “time warp” connection was damaged. Seo Jung In was hired to find out the reality about her father’s involvement in JC Communications’ illegal slush fund, and to find out whether or not Lee Jin Woo suspected that her father killed Lee Geun Woo. However, this activity was made difficult by the interference of Lee Jin Woo.

Seo Jung In had planned to find that particular cell phone to connect to the previous one so that she could team up with Lee Jin Woo from 2015 again to find out the reality. When Lee Jin Woo foresaw this, he had already taken the cell phone away so that Seo Jung In could not reconnect with his previous self in order to vary the previous one. Seo Jung In was not the one who surrendered and was chosen to pursue reality so that the current could lead to a greater future, even if the previous one couldn’t be changed.

However, the brand new stills reveal that Lee Jin Woo is falling into confusion and despair while Seo Jung In is running away from someone who is chasing her. Lee Jin Woo seems unable to visualize the evidence any sooner than his eyes, while Seo Jung In hides in an alley with an aura of increasing rigidity.

Manufacturing workers said, “When Lee Jin Woo learns the reality of his brother Lee Geun Woo’s death, Seo Jung In is in determined danger. These occasions, in addition to the relationship between the two characters, mark a turning point in the plot of the drama. There is likely to be some really amazing growth in this episode after something is very conceivable. “

Check out the first episode of “Instances” below!

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