Last week we had a call to Lorenzo Riavis: a very young entrepreneur, only 17 years old, who already has a lot of experience in the social media marketing industry.

He started running an online business based on Instagram-themed pages more than two years ago.

“Even though we’ve talked about small numbers, I’ve always seen it as real business: I spent a few hundred dollars promoting a niche site and going viral. Then I sold sponsorships to other sites or to large companies and knew that I had to pay back my investment. “

“The bigger deal,” Lorenzo continues, “was with an online auction company that paid me a huge amount of money month after month.”

Everything went just fine, he even started outsourcing some tasks to other people, but he suddenly gave up: “I made enough but I didn’t develop real marketing skills and didn’t offer enough value to my clients, so I decided to do a social – Stop and start media marketing agency that helps people get real followers on Instagram. “

Today he is working on this new project and also supports its growth to some important European celebrities whom he cannot mention due to professional secrecy.

On his way, Lorenzo also understood how important it is to make an effort and persevere. “I fully understand this feeling when you want to use your phone while you work, but you have to resist. Discipline is everything. “- says Lorenzo.

Lorenzo’s words could be a source of inspiration for many young entrepreneurs looking to approach this industry, which seems to be a real money cow from the number of daily social network users.