is an actionable platform for monitoring advertising performance for brands and agencies. Advertisers have access to real-time marketing data via all paid social media channels and Google and can quickly consolidate ad accounts and campaign data on a unified platform.

Customers can automate reporting routines with customizable metrics, dashboards and tables that can be easily broken down to provide advanced insights that can be acted upon. The platform uses advanced AI algorithms to predict and optimize campaign results and performance.

Our customers can access and control their social advertising data in real time via all networks, agencies and teams via a user-friendly user interface.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

After Covid, we found that there is a large and growing gap between CMOs and media teams. CMOS was hired to help grow new e-commerce and DTC businesses while media teams continued to use the same rudimentary tools they traditionally used.

As a result, companies that rely heavily on paid media are blind to their ability to achieve business goals. We thought there had to be a better way to match raw data from paid channels and business, and that’s exactly what is all about.

How has the company performed during the pandemic?

The idea for the company came about during the pandemic. Affected by COVID-19 and more than ever, indoor and online consumers have moved and are choosing social channels. As a result, ecommerce sales have grown rapidly over the past year.

To respond to these changes, entire sectors have adapted their advertising strategies to the new conditions, as consumers react directly on social media.

So it’s no wonder that, according to Gartner, 78% of B2C CMOs are planning to shift even more budgets to Social Post COVID-19

In order to appeal to the online audience and grow the post-COVID-19 e-commerce business, marketers need to rethink social advertising strategy, and they need to do it now, whether they are working entirely in-house or with an agency. Otherwise, you may simply miss out on the current online revolution.

What does that mean?

Managers facing more pressure to get better online campaign results with falling margins and increased competition need a simple and intuitive way to monitor social advertising performance and budget to address systemic bottlenecks across regions, teams, locations and Recognize networks quickly.

Conversely, practitioners running multiple campaigns at the same time need an easy way to automate routine reporting tasks that will give them time to actually work in a high-intensity online environment.

And when you’re a CMO, whether you’re working with an agency or working entirely in-house, you need to take more control and build a performance muscle internally. Otherwise, you might be behind your competition.

There needs to be a general direction for companies to face the new challenge.

This is why our product teams at paragone asked themselves: How can we help brands achieve excellence in social advertising in a post-COVID-19 online, social and highly dispersed environment?

We have identified 6 ingredients that prepare performance teams to compete in this new era. 6 ingredients that will give them the absolute ability to excel in an online, social, and distributed environment post COVID-19.

  1. The first ingredient is the ability to diversify your reach with ease.

We’re opening the door so you can easily manage multiple social channels on one screen. Not just Facebook.

  1. The second ingredient is the ability to observe real-time performance

We offer you insights and advice on performance bottlenecks

  1. The third ingredient is the ability to predict the future

We do this by warning media professionals before they hit a wall

  1. The fourth ingredient is the ability to easily apply business dimensions

We do this by enabling users to effortlessly customize and tag campaign data without facing today’s endless data problems.

  1. The fifth ingredient is the ability to take action in the blink of an eye

By quickly changing campaign targeting and spending in real time

  1. And the sixth ingredient is the ability to prove your worth to your own management.

What can we hope to see from Paragone in the future?

As a digital advertising platform, we plan to become the delivery platform for other SaaS providers aimed at performance marketers. So we look forward to new, exciting partnerships and adding more channels in the near future.

Given this vision, we are confident that Paragone will soon be the go-to place for digital advertising professionals.