Passion can take a big step and accomplish much more, which has been proven in many previous cases. Here we are talking about a young high achiever who has exceeded his own expectations when it comes to setting standards and differentiating himself.

Achieving success and fame is not an impossible task when the mindset is tough and the focus intact, as we have seen in the cases of many who have broken through the barriers and advanced in their respective careers, have not been put off by distractions.

Talking about such daredevils reminds us of Simone Ferretti, who came second in the coveted “Mr. Italy’s competition at 19, an achievement indeed for a young man his age.

It takes strong mental determination and single-mindedness to achieve your desired goal or fame without being beaten halfway, and that is only possible if you are extremely confident and adaptable about spotting the right opportunities and using them in the right one To seize the moment, a talent that Simone had in him from the start, which took him places.

In order to pursue a modeling career in Hong Kong, he stumbled upon some pictures with his camera that interested him in the craft so he delved deep into the subject and produced some fantastic work that was noticed and appreciated and his confidence, full throttle too and make his work go viral on the internet.

His short videos attracted a lot of attention and brands began to turn to him to improve their digital presence, so big names like Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong, Xiaomi and many others joined forces with Simone to take their brand presence to the next level. A successful influencer marketer had arrived with a bang.

All was well until he moved to London for further studies and left his prosperous career behind. But as the saying goes, talent finds its own way to get to the top, and that’s exactly what this young brilliant mind did when he hit strange shores again.

He published an online photography course that had a tremendous response due to his marketing skills and attracted thousands of students. He built his company “Erised Creative House”, which has carried out various content creation projects and has hit the mark every time to delight customers and recommend him to others.

Today he is in a position from which he is in charge, still saying that this is just the beginning and that much more has to be achieved. That sounds like real inspiration for the people out there to never stop dreaming and pursuing your goals until they are within their reach.

Published July 23, 2021