Mike Sherrard is the leading social media broker in Calgary and Alberta. He is the contact person for all matters relating to social media marketing in the real estate sector. Mike is a real estate entrepreneur, social media coach and content creator. He is licensed with eXp Realty and has built one of the fastest growing groups called Wolf Pack. The group has over 300 agents who have joined him, all within his first twelve months since joining the company. Mike also runs a seven-digit annual online training program, the Social Agency Academy, in which he teaches brokers how to scale their business through modern ways using ubiquitous social media strategies.

Mike owns a marketing, branding, and video content reuse agency called High Converting Content that works with entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. He currently has over 3,000 people who have completed the training offered by the Social Agent Academy in the past year. Mike has focused on training agents in lead generation, marketing, personal branding, and organic video content to attract customers. He also does a lot of branding and video content for brokers, podcast hosts, YouTubers, and other entrepreneurs by converting his company’s content.

Mike (on Instagram @mike_sherrard) offers real estate information from a social media perspective that is second to none. His achievements within the short term clearly show how well he understands his craft.

Here are his top five tips for an effective social media marketing campaign.

1. Enrich your profile

A fully detailed profile is essential for your brand. It should include all of the relevant details you want to share with your audience, but not limited to: contact details, address, profile picture, and a link to your website. This ensures that your audience can get in touch with your company quickly because all the information is at hand. If you run a Facebook page, you may want to share your data and use the story section to highlight critical services with bullet points.

2. Establish a strategy and plan

To create a plan, you need to define the types of content you want to share and the publishing patterns you will adopt. Define your goals to make sure you aren’t being distracted by a wave of social media. A posting template builds a routine that makes it easier for your customers to follow your pages. Your chosen strategy should include a provision for video content. It doesn’t matter which platform you choose; Video content is a must in the real estate industry.

3. Take advantage of SEO

Facebook and Instagram are known for their ability to provide marketers with accurate and well-segmented customer demographics that are essential to reaching an audience. Hashtags are vital to you as a real estate marketer because they provide you with more than just comments and likes.

4. Present your neighborhood

Presenting your neighborhood is a trick that works well when you want to get customers’ attention. They bring out the passion in you, something that attracts customers. Ideally, you should market your original property anyway, because the neighborhood is a decisive factor when looking for an apartment.

5. Build trust

It’s important to create a two-way connection between your brand and your audience. One unique aspect that makes Mike a returning customer is the relationship he has built online. He’s considered the most honest, authentic, and transparent content creator, and that’s why his business is thriving.

You can link to Mike Sherrard on Facebook or visit his website.

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