Real estate agents can take advantage of social media marketing in many ways. Social media marketing has permeated every aspect of every business. The public turns to the various search engines for almost anything they need. Online social networks have grown in popularity with the current generation who spend most of their time online. Such a trend has created a good market and an opportunity for you as a real estate agent. There are large, diverse, and free marketing platforms available to you and this is a major benefit for brokers.

Mike Sherrard is a seasoned real estate social media marketer. He is the founder of the Social Agent Academy, an online platform and training program that has trained over 3,000 people in the past twelve months. Mike is licensed with eXp Realty, where he built one of the company’s fastest growing groups, the Agent Wolf Pack, with over 300 agents joining his group within the first twelve months. In summary, Mike is a real estate entrepreneur, social media coach, and content creator.

Mike is only 28 years old and has been in the real estate industry for four years and has achieved what was thought impossible. He came into the real estate industry with a technical background and developed a new concept for using social media. Today, Mike runs the premier social media YouTube channel for real estate and has been ranked as the best real estate agent on social media in Calgary and Alberta. He was the top selling real estate agent and featured on many of the top real estate podcast channels.

Having been at the forefront of moving away from archaic real estate marketing, Mike understands the benefits of building a social media presence to market real estate.

Here are some of the benefits it highlights:

● A large market reach

It is estimated that there are over 4 billion social media users worldwide, which is a ready market. Having a solid social media presence doesn’t mean you reach all users, but at least you reach a more significant percentage than any other form of advertising. Mike recommends that you make an effort to build a social media presence on all or as many platforms as possible.

● Massive networking

Networking in real estate is crucial. Most of the business generated with real estate comes from referrals. As an agent, you can use your posts to share your articles with interested people. Some platforms, such as LinkedIn, are not primarily aimed at marketing, but rather as a link to companies and people in the same field. Such platforms help expand your network of friends and potential customers.

● Improves the scalability of the company

Mike wants agents to scale their brands, so he emphasizes the use of social media. If you see an increasing number of followers, this is the first sign of scalability. The majority of social media accounts offer free and premium marketing options that give the company the freedom to choose what suits its current status.

● Improved communication

The current generation of millennials thrives on instant feedback, and that’s exactly what social media offers. As an agent, you can interact with customers at any time and give them instant feedback on their inquiries.