Many small businesses are missing out on valuable growth opportunities because they are not visible online.

“An online presence and an outstanding position on Google and the ranking pages of the other search engines are becoming increasingly important for business success,” says SEO specialist Karen Dauncey. “Companies have to be found online, otherwise they will lose to their competitors. As simple as that.”

Ms. Dauncey discovered a niche in the market for an easy-to-follow SEO course that would equip small business owners with the skills and tools to set up and run their own SEO program.

She is launching her new DIY course, The SEO School®, in early 2021, and has designed it specifically to teach small business owners the basics of search engine optimization and enable them to implement the key components to have their business appear on Google Maps and in advance on the web will search engine ranking pages.

“Over the years I have come across so many small businesses who have struggled to attract new leads and miss out on growth opportunities, but have bounced back after implementing a solid SEO strategy. There is definitely a niche in the market for this type of resource that demystifies SEO and makes it a valuable growth strategy. “

The SEO School covers the main aspects of SEO and online marketing, including keyword research, setting up Google accounts, setting up backlinks, and creating content.

“Many small companies operate in their region. So it is important that they appear on the search engine pages, Google My Business, and Google Maps when a prospect searches for their local niche business online. This course will help put the website at the center of relevant keyword searches. “

A key focus of the course is helping business owners set up and use their Google Accounts to their best advantage. “Free online tools like Google My Business can be very effective in getting a business right in front of a potential customer. It’s about knowing what, how and when to do things, ”she added.

Participants get hands-on, hands-on experience with SEO with video tutorials, a workbook and worksheets, plus plenty of support from a Facebook group, Q&A facility, and a weekly Facebook live session with Ms. Dauncey.

The course is self-administered so students can work through the content at their own pace and gain confidence in their skills and progress before taking the next step, Ms. Dauncey said.

“Participants really only need a few hours of work per week to work through all of the content,” said Ms. Dauncey. “After that, they will be able to maintain and improve their online presence using the skills and techniques learned in the course – and I have absolutely no doubt that the participants will be highly motivated to develop things further as soon as they see and recognize the first results Doing SEO is very straightforward. “

“SEO is a long-term growth strategy, and that investment in a few hours of work per week will pay off in long-term business success.”

The competitive landscape for businesses of all sizes is becoming increasingly difficult, and online visibility is fundamental to expanding the customer base and increasing profitability. “I’ve had so many clients who were passionate about their business and their industry, but were unable to capitalize on their brand and enter new markets simply because they lacked computer skills,” she added. “Now is the time to change all of that with The SEO School.”

About Karen Dauncey

Karen is the founder of Blue Cherry Online Marketing and The SEO School and brings over 17 years of digital marketing experience to her consulting and training work. She regularly offers educational programs for local and federal governments and is a consultant for the ASBAS Digital Solutions Program. Karen’s passion and dedication to helping small business owners get found online is the driving force behind their online school. They make SEO advice accessible to everyone with free resources and online courses.