The latest episode of the Mission Matters podcast masterclass series, hosted by Adam Torres and Qamar Zaman, guides listeners through the do’s and don’ts of link building and adapting to the new Google link update.

Beverly Hills, CA – Many small businesses understand the importance of content marketing to business growth, but content marketing and SEO are far more complicated than it seems. In a new episode of the Mission Matters podcast, Qamar Zaman, a digital growth expert, explains the basics of optimizing your content for Google.

The previous Marketing Masterclass series has mainly focused on creating content that will help small businesses gain momentum. In the latest episode, Qamar explains how to prepare such content for Google so that it can be found via search engines. Qamar also provides important information on the Google Link Update, which started rolling out earlier this week.

Qamar’s digital marketing consultancy, KISSPR, uses a unique storytelling methodology to help businesses grow organically and build authentic connections with loyal audiences. As the author of two search marketing books and an invitation-only member of the Forbes Agency Council, Qamar is a respected thought leader in marketing having written for authority publications such as Forbes and the Huffington Post.

“Because we put content on the search engines, we have to understand that we are relying on its place,” explains Qamar, who, thanks to decades of experience in SEO, has seen how Google’s guidelines have changed over the years. Even though Google is a free search engine, we have to follow its rules. “

(Listen to the full episode here.)

In the podcast episode, Mr. Zaman talks about topics related to optimizing content for Google, the basics of links and adapting to the new Google update:

  • The background to KISS PR.
  • The history of Google updates.
  • Prepare your content for Google.
  • Left
  • Dofollow and nofollow links.
  • Types of anchor text.
  • Content page

Qamar’s top recommendation for business owners is to hire two different consultants – one for an SEO audit and one for SEO work – to run a check-and-balance system and ensure that you are only being sold services that You actually need it.

About the digital storytelling from KISS PR

KISS PR is an innovative digital growth company founded in 2003 by Qamar Zaman in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, and is considered an industry leader. Zaman has spent several years building relationships with top influencers in the legal, business, health sciences and technology sectors and continues to help elite law firms and corporations reach new heights. KISS PR enables companies to grow their online presence and save time and money while growing their business. Brands around the world have benefited from this unique storytelling model. KissPR has told over 31,000 stories and we continue to help small businesses make their dreams come true.

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