Do not worry; You don’t have to search the internet high and low to find the week’s most interesting marketing news – we have it for you! Read on for a bi-weekly breakdown of the latest product launches and updates on SEM, social media, PPC news, and more.

1. Search engine country: Google is releasing a new version of the Google Ads Editor

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If you’ve ever wished that Google Ads Editors could offer more functionality and features, you will definitely appreciate this new update. Google recently updated the downloadable editor app, including new filters, shortcuts, detailed recommendations, tips, and a way to check the strength of the ad for responsive search and display ads. For a full list of updates, see Search Engine Land’s full article.

2. Social Media Today: Twitter live test of its new Audio Spaces function

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Twitter recently released a beta of its audio-only meeting feature, and a small group of users will be the first to try it out. The concept of Audio Spaces is that users can create virtual rooms in which their connections can join and overhear or join the conversation. When a meeting is in progress, the user’s fleet icons will be highlighted in purple and you can see who is attending. To learn more, read the full article from Social Media Today.

3. Marketing Dive: Snap partners with Unity to increase reach for marketers

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In other PPC messages, as a marketer advertising on the Snap Audience Network, you can now access Unity Ads inventory. Unity Ads is an ad monetization platform for Unity-based mobile games that allows game developers to serve ads and monetize their player base. Similarly, game developers can access a collection of Snap software development kits to incorporate features from Snapchat. To learn more about this step, check out Marketing Dive’s full article.

4. The Verge: Reddit acquires TikTok Rival Dubsmash

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Reddit recently bought Dubsmash, a short-form video platform that is similar to TikTok in many ways. While the platform exists separately from Reddit and retains its brand, it is now being integrated into Reddit as well. What does this mean for both platforms? The idea is to create a unique user experience by combining the community aspect of Reddit with the creative element of Dubmash. To learn more about this new partnership, check out The Verge’s full article.

5. Wall Street Journal: LinkedIn has started testing ads in its stories

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Not so long ago, LinkedIn added a “storytelling” feature to its platform that gives users more ways to interact with their network. The social networking platform is currently experimenting with adding ads to this feature in Latin American and European markets to better understand how people are reacting to it. This could be a unique opportunity for marketers to reach a different audience – especially if they want to advertise to professionals. To learn more about this feature, read the full Wall Street Journal article.

Now, are you interested in trying these features out as soon as they become available, after having updated the latest Marketing, SEM, and PPC news every two weeks? As we can see, there are a number of options for marketers and we don’t necessarily have to limit ourselves to just a few platforms. In any marketing effort, it is important to have a goal, purpose, and strategy for your advertising and marketing projects. Knowing where to start is just the beginning.

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