Newest tendencies in Shopify internet design

Hosted ecommerce web solutions are a must if you are looking to start a small business based online. Since a dedicated server costs more, opting for a hosted solution is convenient. Additionally, using a hosted solution like Shopify means you don’t need to have extensive design or programming skills. You can choose a Shopify web design theme and access other tools to make managing the store more efficient. Since this is an all-in solution, your primary responsibility as the business owner is to run the store and maximize the tools available. Of course, customizing your business and using the right marketing strategies is essential to make your business stand out from the competition.

Should you rely on the Shopify Web Design themes available?

An e-commerce web solution should be easy to use and manage – even if you have absolutely no programming or design experience. Similar to other platforms, Shopify offers users a range of themes that fit their brand and business model. Of course, these themes have a generic appeal and follow design principles that are best suited for online stores. Shopify templates are either free or paid. The free templates are also available in different versions. These topics are very attractive and, above all, engaging.

If you’re not satisfied with the free option, Shopify Web Design can look a lot more nifty by choosing a paid theme. Since there are more choices, you will likely find those that fit your industry, target market, and branding style.

Overall, Shopify themes are high quality. However, you still have the option to tweak the design and make sure it aligns with your marketing strategies. With that in mind, let’s discuss the upcoming trends to watch out for if you’re a Shopify merchant.

Overlapping graphics and photography

Ecommerce is a cutthroat industry, and for small businesses looking to differentiate themselves from the competition, web design is a key consideration. While most online stores display photos of products, others go a step further by adding another layer of graphics to the photo.

If you pay attention to the latest Shopify web design, you will find that overlapping photos and graphics are a great strategy for making a page more unique. Since you’re using a template for the page, chances are another company may be using the same theme. Ecommerce websites tend to look similar, especially when they sell similar products. However, if you don’t want your page to look like the competition, the easiest trick is to use graphics as a design element for the photos.

The unconventional concept for product photos

Consumers base their decision on product photos displayed on your website. A few years ago, minimalism was a hot trend. However, these days things are getting boring and ecommerce photos look the same. An emerging trend in product photography is the use of unconventional concepts. Some examples include juxtaposing contrasting elements and using unique props to grab the viewer’s attention. Abstract styles are also back in trend. Of course, this trend may not work for all types of products. However, for businesses that benefit from adding artistic or aesthetic elements, it is a trend to try a new concept for product photos.

Experiment with AR and VR

The use of augmented and virtual reality offers a three-dimensional aspect to viewing a product. Ordinary photos usually do not offer full perspective, even though they are taken from different angles. AR and VR are pretty revolutionary these days – which is all the more reason to use them in Shopify Web Design. In fact, a feature is already available on the platform that allows the user to experiment with 3D images.

Add micro animation

If you want to add personality to your brand, animation is another trend to keep in mind when overhauling your web design. Micro-animations make the website more interactive and there are lots of clever ways to introduce them into the design. Animation can also give the online shop a playful and entertaining character. This is a refreshing way to grab the attention of a casual visitor. Of course, a cautious approach to animation is required because too much can make the site appear too busy or confusing.

Experiment with bold colors

Minimalistic and muted styles are still very popular these days. However, many designers are now using vibrant and bright colors that are more retro and bold. If you sell clothes like shoes and clothes, using bright colors will help make the product stand out better. Of course, you still need to consider whether a light color palette will suit your brand aesthetic.

When presenting products in bright colors, make sure that the background does not overwhelm the eyes. Warm colors are usually less obtrusive, even in light tones. Above all, make use of the white space when reinventing the subject of your web design.

Final thoughts

If you use an ecommerce web solution like Shopify, you already have access to all the tools and features necessary to create a professional online store. Yes, you can still rely on the templates and themes. However, it is still recommended that you customize the design to add personality to your business. Since you are one of the millions of users using the same platform, your shop will not be highlighted if you stick to the available theme.

The Shopify web design trends listed above are just a few of the suggested tweaks you can consider for customizing your Shopify site. Some of these are easy enough to do yourself, while others may require the help of a designer. Web design is a critical aspect of digital marketing and the first thing a visitor notices about your business. So when you are spending your money on marketing and advertising, you need to pay attention to the appearance of your Shopify store as well. Designing your online store is also a branding strategy. This is all the more reason not to get stuck just using templates. Experimenting with design can keep up with the trends and find a style that best suits your business aesthetic.


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