A web design agency run by a Plymouth couple has won a number of international clients as the Covid pandemic lifts traditional boundaries.

Made with Maturity was founded in 2015 by husband and wife Ben and Clare Stirling and had only one customer outside of the UK prior to the coronavirus crisis in early 2020.

With the signing of a contract with a software development company operating in the USA and Russia in May 2021, the number of international customers increases to eight.

Made with Maturity is now also working with companies in Germany, Spain, Thailand, Portugal, Finland and Poland. Customers come from a variety of industries including TV and media, healthcare, and medicine and manufacturing.

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Mr Stirling attributes the success to several factors, but mainly that the pandemic has caused companies to keep looking for services when they can be provided remotely. For companies looking for web designers and similar tech companies, it means that quality and price outperform the locality.

The low value of the pound sterling could also be a factor, Stirling said, as the pound’s exchange rate against other leading currencies has fallen significantly since the 2016 Brexit vote.

However, Mr. Stirling emphasized that price is not everything and the quality of service is also of vital importance for potential customers. Almost all new wins come after strong recommendations and recommendations from satisfied Made with Maturity customers.

“Before Covid we had a good national / local customer base with only one international customer in France,” he said. “We have seen massive growth in our international customers since the lockdown. We got our youngest from Russia and have been working with eight international nations since the lockdown began.

“Since we’re a digital company, international barriers weren’t a problem, and with the globe working from home, it was easier to work with good people wherever they live. So it’s interesting to see a global lockdown like this has led to an increase in global barriers. ” Sales for us. “

He said customers wanted face-to-face contact before the pandemic, which is why Made with Maturity mainly worked with customers in the South West and London.

But the Covid situation seems to have eliminated that, and of the international victories, only one went out of business to pitch.

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“Many come through referrals, relationships, and referrals,” Stirling said. “Our recent win in Russia and the US was a recommendation from us. We faced 10 agencies, five from the US and five from Europe.”

Made with Maturity works from offices in Plymouth Science Park and is returning from home work for Easter 2021 when restrictions have been eased.

The company offers web design and digital marketing and focuses on UX (user experience) design. This means keeping it on board to continuously improve the websites it creates and make them more efficient, which is known as “creating an environment”.

Mr Stirling said, “We design and build it (the website), but once it goes live we do user testing to see if end users and customers are using it as intended. It builds before and after build Environments where we can test, change and optimize it. “

During the lockdown, the company hired two full-time employees to double its full-time employment. However, it also works with around 20 partner companies and freelancers.