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Nikhil Singh Sumal teaches younger folks social media advertising and marketing abilities and makes them self-employed. – Casey Weekly


His mission is to help youngsters make a living by providing the right education.

Entering the world of entrepreneurship and achieving success is not easy as it takes a lot of focus and determination to get around all the hurdles along the way. Only those who are self-confident enough and have a lot of self-confidence will make it to the top. Young entrepreneurs today are aware of the struggles they must face in the race to make it big in the business world. Nikhil Singh Sumal is one such entrepreneur who has done extraordinarily well in his entrepreneurial career and, at just 19 years old, has proven that success can be achieved no matter what, if you are strong-willed and determined to achieve your goals.

Nikhil has made it to the top of the list of young entrepreneurs and has also excelled in areas such as digital marketing, stock market analyst and artist management. He has a hand in successfully scaling the business of many individuals and brands by employing the right digital marketing strategies and online campaigns that are guaranteed to produce positive results. He is also a seasoned influencer who has increased the online presence of many and made them famous on social media platforms. The impact of his work is so great that much of the revenues of many companies have shot up after his intervention and the stagnant business has gained momentum. Today he has secured his place among the best and most sought-after professionals in the industry, whose work has been valued by everyone.

People would be surprised to know that he has helped more than 300 brands and companies from around 26 countries establish themselves on a global platform. It also provides social media marketing training for young people and prepares them to face the world with confidence.

Because of his exceptional work, Nikhil has emerged as the most versatile young entrepreneur today, whose work speaks volumes about him.