More anime for the Standome Heroes Otome mobile game are on the way, this time in the form of a brand new OVA. This is based on a Narumi Seo Map Story event that originally debuted in the game in April 2018, meaning characters who didn’t appear in the previous TV anime will play an active role in the OVA.

As part of the Wishful Spring Party event, you can watch the OVA announcement video below.

The TV anime Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth ran as part of the fall 2019 season, with Hideyo Yamamoto directing and Sayaka Harada overseeing the scripts for the MSC production. The story follows the activities of the STand Alone National Department, an independent investigative organization that works on unsolved cases related to illegal drugs. The female protagonist Rei Izumi in the anime is tasked with finding new members for the organization from various types of candidates.

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