Benefits of organic social media marketing

There will always be an unending debate among marketers about paid social media and organic social media plans. While many marketing directors from some of the more reputable companies typically opt for a hybrid social media model that allows for a significant amount (bulk!) Of organic social media marketing coupled with a certain amount of paid social effort, it may not always be easy for smaller teams or those making cuts in advertising and marketing budgets to have a large number, if any, of paid social media campaigns.

In addition to the fact that organic social media strategies can increase a brand’s presence (and followers) while offering benefits such as cost efficiency and authenticity of marketing, the fact remains that every brand, big or small, has a healthy online -Image with a strong organic image can create social media strategy, even without a paid social media plan.

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Here are some key reasons to prove that every marketing team needs to consider strengthening their organic social media strategy for higher marketing and brand ROI:

Organic social media complements marketing and advertising as a whole

When a prospect or customer looks up a brand online, You are required to visit the brand’s website as well as its social media pages (Source: HubSpot) In the B2B market in particular, the LinkedIn presence of a brand plays a decisive role in the image of a potential buyer. For B2C businesses, a strong Facebook, Twitter or Instagram plan fed with relevant and timely product updates, team updates and generally other exciting social media content (surveys, value-adding readings or information, etc.) is for the Critically, creating a more interested prospect and buyer base.

In today’s digital marketing environment, there is no surefire way or fixed channel through which marketers can drive brand traction: a healthy media mix and multi-channel approach are essential to staying ahead of the competition and staying away from the noise to free.

Organic social media is a great way for potential customers to learn more about the brand

Marketers today are experimenting with different types of social media posts, including team updates, congratulations posts, and funding updates. Many marketers often use their social media media to post a new blog or piece of gated content. All of these updates (and there is no shortage of the kind of social media updates that marketers can make sure their brand posts get published on social media if marketing is also having a strong content development strategy) can help potential customers Understand a brand’s core values ​​and processes In fact, a regular social media feed can even influence purchasing decisions. Prospects will likely choose a brand that is on social media today as opposed to a brand that is not. An active social media presence, powered by organic efforts, can also serve as a platform for customers and prospects to interact directly with the brand if, for example, they have questions about a product or service.

A good organic social media strategy can help improve your search results

No marketer can ignore the importance of having strong online rankings and search engine optimization. A strong and active social media feed and presence can actually affect a brand’s search results and help the brand regularly go beyond certain relevant search terms. Most of the successful brands in the world use their social media feeds to post regular updates about themselves and to include relevant value-added industry feeds in the feed. Typically, creating a social media account on the platform that is most relevant (based on the industry a brand belongs to) doesn’t require a budget to create a social profile. Maintaining a social media profile organically with well-planned content strategies can actually overcome most of the drawbacks of a paid social media campaign while helping a brand achieve the same results over time.

Why should you improve your organic social media strategy now?

Covid-19 restrictions have forced prospects to be more active on social media, but a brand’s ad spend and ad dollars can’t keep up. Many brands have chosen to pause ad spend during this time, given the various effects of the pandemic and downturn in most places. A strong organic social media plan must be the foundation of any digital marketing strategy today. He can help the brand build strong prospect and customer relationships. If planned with the right goals and content, it can also move potential buyers through the buying funnel. A good organic social media plan can also help improve customer service processes.

There are several ways to develop healthy social media strategies that can be used to empower followers and make more impact online. Thinking about your prospects and the type of news or content you want to show them is a starting point for devising this strategy.

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