Park Seo Joon

“I look forward to taking on the challenge of a new genre. I was drawn to the changes in Min Sung’s emotions among the people who live there over the course of the events in the Hwang Goong Apartment room,” Park Seo Jeon said.

The film “Concrete Utopia” is the first time that Park Seo Joon has worked with legendary actor Lee Byung Hoon, who has won numerous “Best Actor” awards from prestigious, award-winning organizations such as “Baeksang Arts Awards”, “Blue Dragon Awards”, had received. “and” Grand Bell Awards “under his belt. In the meantime,” Strong Woman Soon To Bong “and” Oh My Ghost “star Park Bo Young will play the role of Min Sung’s wife, Myung Hwa. She will be a former nurse, who will use their skills to take care of the injured.

Park Seo Joon’s “Concrete Utopia” is loosely based on the popular webtoon “Yoyful Outcast” and will follow the story of the survivors in the Hwang Goong Apartment, the only building left after a major earthquake in Seoul. It is directed by Uhm Tae Hwa and distributed by Lotte Entertainment. At the time of this writing, the release date of the film is not yet known.

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