In today’s issue of Dear Oppa, Mihika from India dedicates her sweet letter to Hwang In-yeop, in which she admires his “deep voice” and his “bad boy with good eyes”.

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Dear Oppa, a fan from India believes that no one but Hwang In Yeop Han Seo Jun can play in True Beauty

Although True Beauty came to its final conclusion this week, Hwang In-yeop’s popularity continues to rise. As the gracious Han Seo-jun, the 30-year-old actor gave us another dose of Major Second Lead Syndrome, and that’s thanks to His serious performance and charming on-screen presence. With the success of True Beauty, In-yeop’s Instagram page currently has seven million followers and numbers.

Today’s heartwarming letter in the Dear Oppa series was written by Mihika of India and dedicated to In-yeop. In her letter, Mihika confessed that she will always love and support the 18 Again star. Read her letter below:

Good Morning,

I know you don’t know me and that you probably never will, but can I tell you something? For the past few months I haven’t been able to distract myself from you as we’ve never spoken to each other. You didn’t see my face, but I saw your face plastered all over social media. But I will be honest with myself and say that you are everything I have ever been looking for.

Oppa, after watching your web drama WHY and 18, I fell in love with you again at first sight. After watching these dramas, I expected to see you in more drama, and that’s how I saw all of your drama, including the top hit drama ‘True Beauty’. I had also read the Webtoon and had high expectations of the drama that no other actor would have been better suited to the character than you. In yeop oppa !! I love you very much … and your deep voice is just wow !! Her eyes just look like a “bad boy with a good heart”. And what do you look like when twenty is twenty !! I really love you very much and will always support you !! I love you very much oppa !! I want to meet you and hug you tight forever …Congratulations on your achievements! Hwang In Yeop Oppa !!! Keep fighting … 사랑해 오빠 !!

A sweet fan from India

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