Maintaining a helpful, informative website is critical to reaching your target audience and positioning yourself as an industry leader. But if your Website is out of date If not properly optimized for end users, you are likely to miss out on many valuable lead opportunities and do business again.

Thomas connects buyers, engineers, and MRO professionals with 500,000+ North American manufacturers on a daily basis – and we’ve built thousands of manufacturer lead generation websites so we know a thing or two about the industry.

According to Pew Research & To earnMillennials are the largest generation in the United States. 73% are involved in purchasing products or services for their companies. Why is this important for manufacturers? The involvement of millennials in buying decisions will continue to increase as they age. Because they are digitally native, they do business online. The strategies you invest in today to maintain your website will either make or break your next new business.

To make sure your website stands out from your competitors and helps you get the leads you need, we’ve rounded up our top five SEO website examples.

Fast update! SEO stands for search engine optimization and the practice of ensuring that your website stays at the top of search results when looking for your industrial products and services.

1. Make your website mobile friendly

These days, users don’t just access brand and product information from their desks. They also use tablets, smartphones and others mobile devices to search for products, collect specifications and compare prices. Designers research product details, plant MRO managers look for technical information, and procurement managers are increasingly choosing to educate themselves online rather than calling different companies. It is therefore important to offer useful content and product information that can be accessed on the go. In addition, websites that are not automatically resized for mobile devices are penalized by the Google algorithm.

CGR Products is a custom manufacturer of flexible materials to convert them into gaskets, sealing rings, rings and other high quality technical components for industrial applications.

They have made their website more user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices. Within a year of the upgrade and the newly released resources, CGR saw its leads grow 280% per month and generated more than $ 4M in deals within a year.

“It is not uncommon to receive email comments on specific articles that have been published or to receive positive comments at face-to-face meetings. Some suppliers have commented that we are ahead of the curve in a mature market.”

2. Create a column side strategy

A columnar page is elongated content with details on a central topic and links to other relevant and useful content that follows sub-topics.

Pillar pages are essential for SEO traffic as websites that have a deep knowledge of a topic illustrate authority in their field and positively influence search ranking. There are two advantages: Google will rank your content higher up so that buyers are more likely to click your page and buyers who read your content will see you as a trusted resource.

According to Corporate visions74% of buyers choose the rep who first delivers value and insight.

Engineering Specialties, Inc. (ESI) is a metal stamping and automated assembly company that supplies automotive customers with safety critical parts. They had a strong website base for case studies and blogs, but were looking for high traffic to grow their metal stamping customer base. ESI’s new SEO strategy focused on creating a new “What Is Metal Stamping” column page that detailed the main topic. The page was then linked to other existing content on the website and contained various multimedia elements such as videos, drawings and images.

Learn more: What is a pillar page and why is it important?

The column side delivered high-level results within the first months of publication. Within five months this page was included in the top results for What is Metal Coining? and other key terms for stamping metal – this helps keep buyers ESI front and center during their buying process.

“With things like SEO and a critical mass behind your marketing efforts, it takes time. But we’re seeing steady growth with SEO and weekly results, ”said Ron Delfini, ESI President.

Thomas Testimonial - ESI_V2

3. Local search for SEO

Manufacturers can use Google’s local search results to target buyers who may be near their business. For example, if you’re a machine shop in New York and a shopper in your area searches for “CNC Machining Services,” your business searches on Google’s local search results.

Request your Google My Business listing to enable search. Include any categories that accurately describe the services you offer, such as: B. “Machine shop” and “Manufacturer”. Don’t forget to check your contact information as well.

Alternatively, a listing of the company profile on is another way to increase the data traffic and attract valuable leads. In fact, there is more industrial and B2B buying activity on than on any other platform, as buyers rate suppliers on every second and it’s free to sign up.

Also list your company

SEO example - local search results for CNC machining

4. Create blog posts about product comparison

Research has shown that comparison blog posts perform well organically for high quality website visitors because their search terms are more specific the further customers are involved in their buying process. Product comparison blog posts make “Ready to Buy” content more prominent to your website visitors with less competitive keywords.

Air Innovations published a Negative and positive pressure rooms 101 Blog that has gained in importance after receiving a backlink from a subsequent article on the same topic. The content contains all the information so that the buyer does not have to research elsewhere.

The continuous growth of the site has contributed to a dramatic increase in contact form submissions and project requests. Read more about the Air Innovations success story here.

Air Innovations - Environmental Systems Manufacturing Blog - SEO Example

5. Upload multimedia and videos

Multimedia plays a huge role in heavy search engine optimization as Google evaluates websites with useful content that is easy to read. While many finished products from the OEM are under NDA and cannot be photographed or shared, you can still be creative and create graphics or an infographic to bring your page to life.

We recommend using a Chart in Google Slides or an illustration tool like Canva (Google Slides is free and Canva offers a free mock-up) to create an infographic like the one below.

SEO example for manufacturer - infographic

For more information on designs that convert leads: The role of color theory in marketing

Videos also improve search engine optimization. We recommend posting the video to YouTube first and then adding the embed code right on the page. By posting your video on YouTube, you are making your brand available to the second largest search engine on the internet.

Note that videos affect page speed, but also:

  • Increase the average time you spend on your page and decrease the bounce rate. Both are metrics that Google takes into account when ranking websites
  • Promote your content in Google’s video search results and increase your visibility and click rates for your website.

Page speedPage load time is important to keep site visitors engaged and encourage them to continue exploring your offerings. Studies show that websites with longer loading times tend to have higher bounce rates and that users spend less time on the website overall. It has also been shown that longer load times negatively impact conversions, reduce the chance of generating valuable leads, and attracting the buyers you need.

Reduce any CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files that are larger than 150 bytes and make sure your images are no larger than necessary and in the correct file format. PNGs are usually good for graphics with less than 16 colors, while JPEGs are usually ideal for photos.

Manufacturers and industrial companies that Add videos to their company profile see higher engagements with RFI submissions than those who don’t. That’s because loud Institute for Content MarketingMore than half of engineers and technical professionals surveyed said they spend at least an hour a week watching videos for work (those 45 and younger reported spending most of their time watching videos).

Thomas offers a handful of video production types, such as: B. a product spotlight for OEMs and distributors, or a project spotlight or factory tour video for custom manufacturers such as the following.

SPECIAL: Learn how to use an advertising program on to create a free produced video

Check your website regularly to keep SEO strong

Building a website is one of the first steps in building your online presence. However, you need to maintain them with regular content and SEO strategies to make sure you’re attracting the right audience – and increasing the chances of converting them.

Getting feedback directly from the users themselves is one of the best ways to understand how they interact with your website and what they would like to see improved. Thomas offers a free digital health check to see how your online presence is doing against the competition – or take a look at ours How to increase your SEO traffic in just 30 days Planner to get started yourself. Graduated engineers support our industrial SEO experts This is how we understand the complexity of your manufacturing business.

Additional SEO resources for manufacturers:

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