Rom Raviv’s “Spreading Success” podcast features interviews with world-class entrepreneurs such as Grant Cardone, David Meltzer and others.

Rome Raviv, CEO & founder of Podblade and moderator of the podcast “Spreading Success”,

began his entrepreneurial journey by attending business networking events in the city of Long Island, New York. When Rome started attending these events, he was so young that some of the venues, which had age restrictions due to alcohol, wouldn’t even let him into the building. However, due to his immense passion and enthusiasm for the business, he persevered from time to time. It was these networking sessions that gave him both incredible networking relationships with world-class business owners and the motivation to start a podcast interviewing some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs in the world.

The fight was worth it

Rome Raviv began his podcast journey at the age of 18. He loved to pretend that even before any income came in, he would spend 8 hours per episode editing audio, video, social media, and notes. However, Rome shares: “I feel like I could have spent my time better. If I had spent time engaging listeners and recording more episodes instead of spending hours editing extensively, we could have grown much faster. The problem was that the podcast obviously still had to be edited and put on social media, so I was close to quitting my show because I couldn’t afford to hire a sound engineer and obviously I couldn’t do everything myself . ”

Reason for Podblade

Rome’s podcast problem of needing fast, inexpensive, high quality outsourced editing is the hour of birth of the idea too Pod blade. The project helps bridge the large time and work gap between podcasters recording sessions and episodes going live. He wanted to make sure podcasters could focus on sharing their message with the world without having to deal with all of the sub-tasks of technical editing their shows.

The pandemic scenario

Podcasting is a thriving industry and the pandemic seems to have been a hidden blessing for it. As more people become consumers of consistent digital content, they have turned to digital audio content spaces. This, in turn, has made many people want to start podcasting for themselves, whether as a main part of their business or as a passion project. Podcast audience has grown dramatically in the past two years, challenging the industry to improve the overall quality of content. Speed ​​and volume of content without sacrificing quality are more important than ever.

Pod blade is the only white-label podcast editorial team of its kind. They offer their services at a quarter of the industry average with services such as video editing and social media clip creation. They ensure high quality content delivery through multiple checkpoints within their tight operations. To learn more about the entrepreneurial journey of this Rome Raviv podcast hero, visit his Instagram.