RankWorks’ WaaS program is revolutionizing corporate web design by making it easier to build an online presence.

Having a strong online business presence is not just an asset, but a necessity in today’s modern economy. Everyone surfs, buys and orders products and services from the Internet. If a company has a weak online presence and is not showing up in search engine results, it will lose out to the competition.

Investing full in building and designing a website can be a daunting task. For many business owners grappling with the day-to-day difficulties of running their business, they have little or no time to focus on their online presence. Therefore, working with the right digital marketing agency is usually a critical factor in a company’s success in transitioning to the online economy.

To facilitate this online transition, RankWorks has developed a unique program called “Website As A Service” or “WaaS”. Chris Keirl, CEO and President of RankWorks, said, “The idea behind WaaS is to help business owners build a modern, customized website at a fraction of the cost a typical agency would charge. The fact that our program brings customers a new website every two years at no additional cost protects their initial investment and ensures they stay ahead of the curve in their service space. “

As more businesses focus on selling their products and services online, a modernly designed website with effective calls for action or CTAs can make a huge difference. WaaS is essentially a monthly plan that covers the design, development, hosting, email, maintenance, and regular updates any website needs to stay competitive in the marketplace. The program offers everything a business owner needs to maintain and maintain a professional web presence. The biggest benefit of WaaS is that RankWorks redesigns the website every 24 months at no additional cost. Hence, everything is included in the monthly plan, including a new website every two years. This protects the original website investment and ensures that it will be the last website a company will ever have to invest in.

With technology moving at a rapid pace, many business owners are reluctant to invest in the tools necessary to compete when the same tools can become obsolete or out of date in a short period of time. “This is not the case with RankWorks’ WaaS,” explains Dan Alper, Director of Digital Marketing & Brand Development. Alper: “We want to support companies in gaining a competitive advantage in their online market. With WaaS, the website evolves with technological developments. We ensure that all of our customers’ websites are constantly updated as new trends in technology and design are introduced. As a result, none of the websites we create ever look old or out of date, and more importantly, they remain an essential tool that business owners can use to gain online market share for many years to come.

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