Seo Ye Ji “recalled”

In addition to Seo Ye Ji, “Recalled” also plays the South Korean actor Kim Kang Woo, who has several films in store, including the 2007 hit “Le Grand Chef”, “Marine Boy (2009)”, “A Better Tomorrow” (2010), “The Gifted Hands (2013)”, “Mr. Go (2013)”, “Marriage Blue (2013)”, “Cart (2014)” and “New Year Blues (2021)”. The 42-year-old actor also starred in various Korean dramas such as “A Man’s Story (2009)”, “Missing Noir M (2015)”, “Good-bye, Mr. Black (2016)”. Circle (2017), “and” Woman of 9.9 Billion (2019). “Kim Kang Woo will also appear in the drama” Duke City “which is due to air on September 24th this year.

Such successes of “Recalled” were considered unexpected as its female lead, Seo Ye Ji, was embroiled in a series of controversies that led to the premiere of the film. The actress was accused of setting her ex-lover on fire, berating her staff for lying about her academic background and the violence at school.

Seo Ye Ji’s agency issued its official statement clarifying allegations against the actress. Some of her former employees have also come forward to defend her. Meanwhile, various brands have withdrawn advertising campaigns suggesting the actress and industry insider believe Seo Ye Ji faces billions of Korean won fines for canceled branded deals.

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