“Run On” in episode 15 gives us a shocking twist at the end, and exactly when you think the two couples are fine – Seon-gyeom, Mi-joo and Yeong-hwa, Dan-ah. It turns out that just as the two admit that they are in love, just as Yeong-hwa reveals the painting he has completed for Dan-ah, a huge obstacle stands in the way. No, it is not the wedding that was arranged between Dan-ah and Seon-gyeom. It turned out that Dan-ah was always concerned about how things would end with Yeong-hwa.

When she passed out from her health condition after the marathon and Yeong-hwa finally helped her recover. If she leaves him at home, she wonders if she can see through her relationship with him to the end. Then Secretary Jeong asks her why she was thinking about the ending when she just started dating Yeong-hwa. She says that if she really loved something, she always lost it and gives the example of football. Something she couldn’t play after her brother snuck her in to see her father.


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A still of Mi-joo and Seong-gyeom during the samgyeopsal party in “Run On” episode 15. (JTBC)

Will her relationship with Yeong-hwa also come to an unhappy end? At first it doesn’t seem like that. She is busy solving problems that emerged after a scandal involving Seon-gyeom’s sister Eun-bi was published. Yeong-hwa is busy finishing the picture. Together with Seon-gyeom and Mi-joo, the two also organize a samgyeopsal party on the terrace (grilled pork belly). However, all of this is just the calm before the storm.

When Yeong-hwa finishes the picture, he invites Dan-ah to see it, with a lot of fanfare. The painting is a beautiful representation of Dan-ah and flowers in dynamic hues, and it is also a great representation of Dan-ah’s colorful character. From this Dan-ah understands how much he loves her, and she even admits to him that she can see in this painting how much he loves her. Just as things are getting romantic and you are beginning to pass out about your relationship, Dan-ah receives a call and that call changes everything for her.

A still of Dan-ah looking at Yeong-hwa’s painting in episode 15 of ‘Run On’. (JTBC)

Towards the end of the episode, neither Yeong-hwa nor the audience is told what the call she received was about, but it is clear that whatever the call was about would act as an obstacle to their relationship. While Dan-ah hurries out, Yeong-hwa follows her, holds her back briefly and asks Dan-ah with doubtful and suspicious eyes whether she will call him back. Her response shows that the call was from her father, who was always secretly ill, and that she may not call him back. Your wishes for Yeong-hwa sound like a bitter farewell.

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