Digital marketing is by far the most powerful medium for companies to promote their products. Social media content can capture millions of eyeballs and go viral overnight. Social media is growing exponentially with each passing day and more and more companies are looking for it to improve their brand reach and sales. With this explosive growth, social media has become a competitive landscape for digital marketers as well. Few of them have managed to carve a niche for themselves and provide top service to their customers. One such digital agency is BrookHaven Media.

BrookHaven Media is owned and managed by Scott Popescu, a 27 year old American entrepreneur and influencer. He is the mastermind behind BrookHaven Media’s viral marketing strategies. Under his leadership, the agency is working with high-end clients on multi-million dollar marketing campaigns. The agency helps people and products get a lot of attention on social media platforms. They work for influencers creating TikTok trending videos as well as advertising campaigns for viral brands.

Today BrookHaven Media is one of the leading digital marketing agencies generating seven-figure revenues from viral campaigns. Scott Popescu took an early interest in social media and as he grew he wanted to get involved to explore new opportunities. He started his digital marketing agency as the first step towards his goal. He soon realized that there were so many things to discover. He had to learn more strategies to reliably attract more attention on social media, otherwise his agency will never land on lucrative projects.

Scott Popescu worked hard and persistently for years. He faced several challenges and even criticism. In his early years he tasted failure, but that couldn’t stop his mind from following his dreams. After a lot of hard work, he was able to gain millions of followers on his social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. With his extensive presence in social media on all major platforms, Scott Popescu was able to follow the content trend of his customers on social media. Scott makes sure that all campaigns his agency runs have a lasting impact on audiences even after the campaign ends.

Scott Popescu attributes his success to everyone who has been part of his journey so far. He takes pride in his hard working team at BrookHaven Media, who have helped the agency climb higher on every project. Scott believes the challenges he has faced in his life have made him a successful self-made influencer and entrepreneur. Every obstacle he had overcome made him stronger to face the next. He has learned a lot from every experience and wants to inspire others with his journey.

Scott believes that obstacles are part of the journey and without them you can never get to your destination. He believes in hard work and consistent effort. Scott Popescu would like to explore further growth opportunities in the future. He wants his agency to stand out from the crowd and be ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen. He wants other aspiring entrepreneurs to venture into digital space with confidence and an unyielding spirit.