The following are the synopsis of this week’s shows on KBFD TV that televised Korean dramas with English subtitles:

Weekly update

“Man who sets the table” episodes 17 and 18 (Sun.)

Today, 6.40 p.m .: Ru Ri sees Ae Ri and Tae Yang together, which leads to a misunderstanding. Ae Ri discovers the relationship between Tae Yang and Ru Ru and promises to take Tae Yang away from Ru Ri. Yeon Ju decides to get a divorce and is looking for So Won’s ex-girlfriend Soo Mi.

Today, 7:45 p.m .: Yeon Ju tells her mother that she is pregnant with So Won’s child. Choon Ok confides in So Won to make sure they don’t move out. Kevin visits Hwa Young’s sister and learns about his son.

“Penthouse # 2” Episode 9 (Mon.); Episode 10 (Tuesday)

Monday, 7.45 p.m .: a beginning realization that came too late and a past that can never return. Seo-jin agrees to marry Dan-tae to protect those she loves, while Yoon-cheol can only watch helplessly. Meanwhile, Ae-gyo allows Yoon-hee to see her biological children from a distance.

Tuesday, 7.45 p.m .: It was an extravagant wedding. Dan-tae gave a wedding present from Hell to welcome Cheon Seo-jin to the penthouse. Logan is drawn to Ae-gyo again and again, while Eun-byul has flashbacks. New evidence emerges that may lead to different attackers being responsible for the attack.

“Phoenix 2020” episodes 37 and 38 (Wed.); Episodes 39 and 40 (Thu.)

Wednesday, 7.45 p.m .: Myung-hwa learns that Mi-ran is the daughter who has left her and decides to take care of her from now on. Meanwhile, Jung-min’s ex, Seung-joo, shows up one day to Ji-eun’s dismay.

Se-hoon is tormented that he has very little time left. Meanwhile, Myung-hwa hurts when she learns that Mi-ran has no interest in her birth parents.

Thursday, 7.45 p.m .: Moon-soo forbids Ji-eun to see Jung-min and she begins to keep him at a distance. Meanwhile, Myung-hwa offers Mi-ran a photo exhibition appearance while Se-hoon remembers his time with Ji-eun. Jung-min is frustrated that Ji-eun is holding him in check and that he is attacking Se-hoon.

Meanwhile, Ji-eun sees Mi-ran get up at the VIP styling event.

“W” episode 13 (Fr.); Episode 14 (Sat.)

Friday, 7.45 p.m .: Professor Park can’t hide his anger at Yeon-joo’s character who appears again and gives up his devotion to the Webtoon. Kang Chul’s funeral takes place on the webtoon. Whereas in real life, Yeon-joo and Kang Chul are dating as a normal couple right now. Since everyone was expecting a happy ending from W, another unexpected event occurs.

Saturday, 7.45 p.m .: Sung-moo has his face back and remembers the perpetrator. He learns from Kang Chul, Yeon-joo’s death.

Kang Chul tries to find the tablet to save Yeon-joo and is captured in the process. Kang Chul is also at imminent danger.


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