Christine Beukes from media update answers seven of the most frequently asked questions about social media marketing in South Africa.

Although much is known about online marketing, many are still enchanted by the mystery of social media. Especially in a country like South Africa where traditional marketing still holds its own.

So South Africans often ask themselves: Do I really need social media? According to a 2020 survey by market research company AskAfrika, the number of South Africans who use social media at least once a day is 87% even during the lockdown. To answer the question: yes you do!

And as digital technology continues to grow, brands are shifting their efforts to the social and all issues related to it.

So we’ve made it our business to answer some of these questions:

1. What kind of content should I post?

The rule of thumb for most South African brands is: local is lekker. Find out what makes your customers tick and tailor your posts to it.

For example, if your audience is made up of Johannesburg entrepreneurs between the ages of 24 and 34, you might want to appeal to them by keeping your posts “Mzansi-fresh” and “on-trend”. You can do this by making sure your campaigns feature popular hotspots in the area with young business people.

2. How often should I post?

According to recent studies, brands should post like this:

  • Facebook: Once a day is optimal
  • Twitter: Three to 30 times a day, but find out what works for your brand
  • Instagram: Once or twice a day, a maximum of three
  • Youtube: One video a week, but be consistent
  • LinkedIn: Once a working day and at least twice a week

3. Which platforms should I post on?

While it depends on your brand voice and personality as well as your target audience, we have a list of the three most popular platforms in South Africa:

1. Facebook – 24 100 000 users
2. LinkedIn – 8,240,000 users
3. Instagram – 5,152,000 users

4. How do I find my target group?

Do the research and check your competitors’ pages to see who they are talking to. Use beyond that social listening. This tool records conversations about your brand and its associated keywords.

This way you can see who is talking about you and the products and services you offer, so you can find the right audience.

5. How do I deal with negative comments online?

Reply to the comment as soon as possible. Don’t leave it to fester as the news spreads quickly on social media. The best way to find out why the negative comment was made and respond accordingly by apologizing or offering a solution.

For more information on how to manage your reputation online, check out our guide on how to respond to negative reviews.

6. How do I get people to engage with my content?

Create posts that your target audience deems relevant. In addition, you can entice your followers with beautiful pictures and videos (visual content excels in social media) to accompany posts.

You can also try conducting surveys on your platforms asking questions about the products and services you offer.

Do you still feel at a loss? For more tips, check out our infographic: Five Rules for Writing Great Social Media Posts.

7. How do I know if my campaign is going well?

The best way to tell if your social media campaign is successful is to track the number of engagements (clicks, likes, and shares) and of course, see who is talking about them! The best way to do this is to use social media monitoring services like amaSocial.

These services tell you exactly who mentions your campaign, where it was mentioned, and how it mentions it. By that we mean that you can see if the general mood is positive, negative, or neutral. If it’s positive, you’re A-for-Away!

Are there any other questions that you think need to be answered when it comes to social media marketing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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