Importance of a web design


You may be wondering why you need help updating your existing website. Yes, the current website seems outdated compared to the competition, but does a believable, compelling WordPress website design really make all the difference? Reluctantly looking for a design agency to update your company’s website, but not entirely convinced that a new web design will generate new business. Despite your skepticism, many studies show that a well-structured website generates better customer traffic and an improved user interface increases conversion.

At the UdelopWe invest in things that are important, like recruiting, training and always being up to date. We design digital trips that appeal to your audience and bring you closer. As a 100% remote agency, unnecessary costs are reduced that conventional agencies incur.

No less than 40% of visitors drop out if a website takes longer than 3 seconds to load (source: Google). A fast website is not only important to the user experience but also a ranking factor for SEO. In other words, a fast website scores better on Google. In addition, the speed of your landing page also affects the performance and cost of your Google ads. Do we have to convince you further? We have listed the most important influences on the loading speed of your website.

Website menu, important for a web design

Perhaps the most important part of a website is the website menu. The website menu of a web design website can alter or alter your design, especially on robust WordPress websites with many pages. A website menu usually contains a navigation bar or list of labels that differentiate the web pages. A good website menu should be easy to find and understand – for quick and easy navigation around the website.


A common culprit for a slow page is pictures. Pictures that are too large or too high a resolution will slow down a page. With a photo editing program like Photoshop or Gimp you can make images web-proof. Simple adjustments like size and resolution often have a big impact.


A poorly written website is a slow website. Every file on the page affects your loading speed. Hence, it is important that your website code is well written. For example, pay attention to the number of CSS and JavaScript files on the page. By minimizing these files, you remove unnecessary input and spaces, which makes things faster.

Server response time

Another possible culprit is the server. When choosing a hosting company, pay attention to the location of the servers. The path a signal has to travel from the browser to the website determines in part the response time of your server. For our hosting we work together with Level27 and Combell. Your servers are located on Belgian soil or in the cloud.


Caching can be compared to temporarily storing parts of a website. Your browser saves parts of the page so that they don’t have to be downloaded again. This means that the page will load faster the next time it is called, as part of it is already finished.