Instagram reports that 90 percent of its users follow a company, and two-thirds of respondents said the platform enables them to interact with brands. The implication: SMEs have to be there too. For marketers looking for ideas, an article on Multichannel Merchant examines five types of Instagram posts that businesses can use to drive engagement.

Ask your followers a question

Asking open-ended questions of your followers like “what’s your favorite ___” or asking them for a recommendation is a simple tactic that stimulates two-way conversations and gives followers a way to connect directly with your brand.

Behind the scenes feature

Showing BTS content on your social channels is one way to humanize your business. Posting video about the making of a product or providing an everyday clip showcasing your company’s culture and values ​​can increase brand engagement and trustworthiness. The content doesn’t need to be polished up either: people appreciate a raw, uncut version if it offers backstage access.

Share relatable memes

Instead of just promoting your product or service, share creative and relatable memes to encourage comments and likes. Make your own or curate popular ones – but be careful about sharing memes that aren’t available in high resolution (important for a visual-first platform like Instagram) or that might be seen by your audience and considered old.

For more Instagram post ideas, including user-generated content and contests, see Multichannel Merchants.