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Photo credit: Dylan Vanas

Influencer marketing has exploded in recent years, and for good reason: it works. Each influencer level produces impressive results for brands that use this marketing strategy. Social media expert Dylan Vanas, who runs a multi-million dollar marketing consulting agency, explains why influencer marketing is critical to the success of many brands.

There are billions of people on major social media platforms like Instagram. Influencers are particularly popular on Instagram due to the design of the platform. Someone who has a large and dedicated social media fan base has the power to harness that fan base and influence people into buying a product or service. At the very least, they can increase brand awareness and social media presence of a brand that works with an influencer.

Getting a brand in front of the target group is becoming increasingly difficult. This is due to the fact that social media platforms are heavily saturated at this point. While you may have the potential to reach billions of people, there is far too much other content to grab people’s attention for you to ever step in front of most of them. Working with a social media influencer is one way to get around this.

Imagine a million people know about your brand right away. That is possible if a mega influencer spreads the word about it. An influencer who has their own fan base can speak directly to their audience and successfully get a significant portion of them to act. The return on investment for the cost of influencer advertising for a brand is diverse. Because of this, it’s an incredibly popular marketing strategy that companies are adopting today.

Dylan sees influencer marketing as being dependent on a number of different factors. One of them is the need to choose an influencer in your specific niche. Otherwise you will be wasting your money. Another factor to consider is your research when considering choosing a particular influencer to work with. That’s because the number of followers alone doesn’t tell the entire story of an influencer. You should also look at how many likes and comments they are getting. You can use tools like SocialBlade This will give you engagement rates and other helpful statistics that show how good your investment will be.

Influencer marketing should definitely be one of the tools that you use in your marketing campaigns. However, it definitely shouldn’t be the primary one. For this strategy to work, you need to understand your goals and do your own research. If you do this and follow the rest of Dylan’s tips, you’ll see impressive ROI and greater social media exposure for your brand.

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