Unfortunately mistakes happen. It’s an almost inevitable part of life. However, we can take steps to avoid certain mistakes, especially in the area of ​​social media marketing. It offers tremendous benefits to brands and is an extremely beneficial tool to complement any broader marketing strategy. In today’s world, if your business isn’t on social media in some form, you are already two steps behind your competitors.

However, if not done correctly, social media marketing can have a negative impact on a brand. There are a number of common mistakes many brands make on social media that hinder their strategy on social media. Below are five of the most common social media mistakes marketers need to avoid.

1. Flat-rate approval on every platform

Treating every social media platform the same is a common mistake many brands will make. Each social media platform has its own set of guidelines to consider when posting. In addition, each algorithm is unique for each platform. If you share the exact same post on all social networks, you are prepared for failure.

We know that time and resources can be limited. As a result, sharing the same post on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. can save a lot of time. However, this means that not every platform is reaching its full potential. On Twitter, for example, there is a character limit so that the posts have to be short and straight to the point. While on LinkedIn you have more to do and can be more meaningful in your posts.

2. Incomplete profiles

In my opinion, this is one of the worst things a brand can do on social media. If you take the time to fill out all of the relevant information on your page, you will show potential customers that you are ready to invest the time and effort, and that you are serious about social media.

I’m referring to personal experience: if I come across a social media account that is only half complete, I click it off very quickly. Many potential customers use social media to connect with a brand. If your account doesn’t have this basic information, you will lose these customers.

One of the best ways to think about social media is by expanding your website. Imagine going to a brand’s website and finding that it is halfway through with no information. Which picture does that show?

3. Neglecting the importance of engagement

A lot of brands will think that just posting on social media is enough, but it’s not. Success on social media means engaging and being active on the platform. The more active an account is and the more engaging with others, the more likely it is that their posts will perform well.

In addition to influencing engagement, staying active on social media is important to build a relationship with your audience. When your customers need a quick response, they often use social media to connect with a brand. Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure you are always aware of comments and messages and try to reply as soon as possible. This can be tricky as your accounts and follow-up grow, but it can be easily managed using a social media management tool.

It’s called Social Media for a reason is the idea of ​​being social. Think of these channels as a place where you can build relationships with your customers, as opposed to a pure sales platform.

4. Only share internal content

Going back to the previous point, a common mistake many social media marketers make is just sharing their own content. Of course, getting users back to your website is important. If you want to expand your account, you’ll need to share external content.

The main benefit of this is that when you share someone’s content, you have the option to tag them in the post. Hopefully they will then see that they have been tagged and potentially engage with the post by liking it, sharing it, retweeted, etc. Your audience will then see that they have engaged with the post, further increasing its reach.

5. Lack of planning

This is possibly the most common mistake made by social media marketers. It can be easy to overlook the importance of planning and think that you can always post an update. Bad planning can turn social media marketing into a huge waste of time and money.

Before starting a social media campaign, it’s important to set goals, work out a budget, and create a plan of action to achieve those goals. Social media marketing should be approached like any other marketing campaign and requires adequate planning to understand how success is measured and what resources are required to achieve your goals.

These are just a few of the most common mistakes many marketers make when using social media. Ultimately, a social media marketing campaign is unique to each brand and should be tailored to the goals you set.