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Social media marketing has become a goal lately, and the advertising strategy for Bollywood filmmakers has grown by leaps and bounds with it.

Many filmmakers shared their views on the use of social media. Previously, production houses had advertised their films at least two months in advance. In today’s ever-growing social media presence, the way Bollywood movies are advertised has changed significantly.

Now, Bollywood film producers believe that it would be more effective to advertise on social media than on billboards, on television, and in print media.

Some of the effects of covid have been positive in the sense that the audience’s consumption patterns have changed and are now more device friendly. That fact should lead to marketing campaigns, ”said Gaurav Verma, Chief Operating Officer of Red Chillies Entertainment, which is preparing for Abhishek Bachchan star Bob Biswas this year.

People are more inclined to digital media. The makers hire social media strategists to gradually and dynamically promote their films while the films are in theaters.

Siddharth Anand Kumar, vice president of film and television for Saregama India, which owns a boutique studio Yoodlee Films, reiterated, “Digital advertising will be beneficial not only because most viewers are still at home, but because segments are that way are easier to address. ” .