When we talk about social media marketing, we are almost always talking about the major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. For obvious reasons, these are the platforms marketers are migrating to when they want to promote their brand. But what about the less popular apps that have niche user bases?

This question popped up in a recent Social Media Today team meeting and my curiosity was piqued. While some platforms are less popular with marketers, it’s still worth talking about. Marketers are successfully using small / niche platforms (like Reddit, Twitch, and Quora) to build communities, address audiences and promote your brand?

Of course, I’ve reached out to our readers for answers.

Question 1: Apart from the big social media platforms, is your brand active on one of the smaller niche social media platforms? (Example: Reddit, Twitch, Quota)

The majority of respondents said no, but it is interesting to see that a significant group (33%) answered yes.

With nearly a thousand responses to these newsletter surveys, the result should be a fair representation of social media marketing in 2020.

It would be interesting to see individual case studies for each of these brands. What’s the difference in your ultimate ROI of marketing in smaller / niche networks versus the more popular platforms? Do certain industries thrive in these smaller spaces? Which of these lesser-known social media apps should more of us check out and why?

These questions are too big for a newsletter survey. Instead, I asked a simple follow-up question.

Q2: Which of these smaller niche social media platforms does your brand actively use other than the major social media platforms?

Not a big shock to see Reddit is ahead here. Reddit is by no means “small”, but when you compare them 430 million users on 2.7 billion of Facebook, you can understand why we would categorize it as such.

Reddit: “Where passionate communities drive action.”

With user numbers worth billions, you can always find your audience on Facebook, Instagram, and other major social media platforms. Despite the smaller number of users, Reddit has one unique advantage: highly engaged established communities. There are 430 million users with over 130,000 interest-based communities. People go to Reddit to explore and participate in conversations on topics that interest them.

On Reddit’s advertising page says: “Where passionate communities encourage action. “If your audience has a unique interest, it can be helpful to explore Reddit and see if there are already active niche communities that fit your audience description. Within the community, your brand can organically initiate and participate in conversations. You can also pay to run ads in front of your audience or just use the space to explore content and find inspiration.

Twitch: “Where brands and communities intersect.”

Twitch is another unique platform known as both a live streaming service and an online community space. The majority of communities on Twitch are united by a common interest in games, entertainment, music, or sports.

This is a huge platform for the esports community. So if gamers are your target audience, there is no question that this is what you should investigate platform.

Twitch calls itself “the ultimate influencer marketing-based platform”. Finding the influencers in your community and working with them to promote your brand is an easy way to advertise.

You can find out more about advertising on Twitch here.

Quora: “Reach Engaging, Quality Audiences.”

Quora is similar to Reddit in that it’s all about conversation, but differs in that it’s less about the community. The platform serves as a space where people can ask questions and get answers.

Of the three platforms, Quora is probably the best place for your classic B2B brands. They even put together a B2B marketing guide on their business site. Additional advertising questions can be answered on the Quora for Business page.