Proper use of social media is an essential element for the public. Without getting to the point and paying attention to dangers, an artist, entertainer or athlete will definitely not realize their potential. The good news is that help is out there for those who know where to look. Come in, Atlanta’s fresh new guru in the room brxuch. Just 19 years old, Custom has years of experience successfully helping A-list celebrities and rising stars build and protect their online social media presence and reputation. He is fluent in the social media world at a young age and embodies the right combination of influencer and strategist who knows how to put things into action. His customers look better than ever before without compromising their authenticity.“The pandemic relied on a strong online presence more than ever, as fans and followers are online more than ever,” commented Brauch. “It’s my passion, so it has opened even more doors for me to work with amazing people. Anyone who pays attention to it knows that it is really necessary to have a knowledgeable and dedicated digital advertising, social media, and reputation management expert on your team. “

In addition to his skills in dealing with online news and other key elements that help build a star’s reputation, Custom is also a clearly gifted entrepreneur. This has resulted in him traversing continents in the Middle East, North America and Europe, investing in various companies and helping them grow, often to a remarkable extent. To date, he has exceeded 100 partner companies and 1000 customer milestones, with the number rising steadily, although his current focus is on providing luxury, high-end service to top names and emerging celebrities.

Even a quick look at the news reveals many examples of stars who often let their reputations go south for trivial things that could have been handled differently. This shows the value of an intelligent and intuitive expert for social media and reputation management like custom. Knowing how to deal with things like a bad review or two or some negative comment is an art in itself. The wrong reaction tends to make things worse than helpful. Brauch’s customers praise its ability to put out these rare fires before they spread, helping them keep moving forward and not breaking their momentum.

There’s a very good reason why Brauch is often seen with stars like A $ AP ROCKY and Future or backstage at concerts like Drake and Migos or Future because he is comfortably enjoying the music. Real recognizes real, and when custom is called, he does not fail to deliver. Being surrounded by celebrities has also had an impact on his personal accounts, which can be seen on social media under the Brxuch name. He now has over 100,000 followers on his personal Instagram and is increasing daily.