Social media advertising technique for entrepreneurs

If you ask any business owner, their biggest challenge is managing their social media. They either have problems generating content or being consistent. However, everyone agrees that social media is an integral part of their business. This is what builds awareness and confidence in the business. This season of blogging, I’m going to build a social media marketing strategy for entrepreneurs from scratch. From choosing the right platforms to the tools you need to create content, I’ll cover everything in the next few posts. Follow me or jump to the topic you want using the links below (as soon as they become available).

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What can you achieve with social media marketing?

Or put another way, why do you need it? Think of social media as your product brochure. People come to your business social media profile to find out what you are doing and how you are doing it. Engaging with the posts and the number of followers gives the new person confidence that this brand is preferred by other people. The content of the profile will help the new person assess your quality, prices, and reputation. And since they can see all of this without bothering about you, your social media profiles play a key role in being the face of your brand to the world. A business social media profile should always aim to build relationships with new people as this will turn them into customers.

However, some entrepreneurs may expect too much from social media too soon. Building a sales funnel on social media takes time. When comparing it to bigger brands that make sales through their social media profiles, think about the money they have invested in print advertising, television advertising, and events. All of these channels work together to increase their sales. Likewise, an entrepreneur should create additional sales channels to support social media.

What Can’t You Achieve With Social Media Marketing?

In theory, there is nothing that you cannot achieve with social media marketing. You could gain 1000 followers in a day or make a post go viral. Or, you could suddenly get a lot of orders on social media. In practice, however, these are rare occurrences for the average company. Social media works in conjunction with your other marketing activities to keep your business growing. And if it works on its own and is the only channel then be willing to invest a lot of time and possibly money to make it a profitable channel.

Get started with a social media marketing strategy

Any marketing strategy needs these essential components to be successful:

  1. The goal of marketing – What do you want to achieve with this marketing activity? When we talk about social media, brand awareness is first and foremost the goal. You want your social media content to be seen by new people who know your brand and trust you enough to buy from you. Social media acts as a gentle but consistent stimulus to buy. To do this, your content needs to be compelling enough for your followers to grow organically. Your followers might not buy from you right away, but giving them a reason to follow you can make sales.
  2. Your audience – Always remember who your audience is and what they like. In the context of social media, you need to understand which segment of your target audience is on each platform. Each platform has a dominant age group for the audience. So what you post depends on who those people are. You want to create content that these people will relate to, in the format that they expect on the platform.
  3. Your Resources – Your Strategy Will Fail If You Can’t Execute It! Entrepreneurs need to think about what is possible with their other responsibilities. When creating your social media marketing strategy, keep in mind what is achievable. Decide how often posts will be published, what type of posts to use, what tools to use, and what to measure. In the next few posts, I’ll help you plan.

In summary, a social media profile is almost a requirement for a company, especially if it wants to grow. Deciding what the company should achieve through social media is a step in the right direction in developing a social media marketing strategy. I’ll be back in the next blog with tips on finding the best small business platform.

Author: Pallavi Tyagi

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