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If you’ve been following this column for a long time, you’ve probably read the importance of having proper SEO (search engine optimization) on your website. While this is very important and shouldn’t be overlooked, SEO is often not location or region specific. What I want to discuss in this article is specifically related to local SEO so that your business can get good results on location-specific searches.

When it comes to SEO, location is everything.

Use location-specific data in your website structure – While with standard SEO you might optimize a page for a specific product or service that you offer, local SEO goes a step further by incorporating location-specific data. An example could be a page that is specifically designed for home window tinting. While this page might be fine for searches related to “home window tint” near you, assuming there are other things on your site like your address and phone number, a little local SEO can do better vs what possible for a fictional company selling window tint for home in Timbuktu is listed below;

Keywords: Window tinting for the home (Default) / Home window tinting Timbuktu (Locally optimized)

Page title: Integrated “home window tinting” (Default) / Integrated “home window tinting in Timbuktu” (Locally optimized)

Page url / slug: Home window tint (Default) / Home window tint timbuktu (Locally optimized)

Meta description: Mentioned “home window tinting” (Default) / Mentions (house window tint Timbuktu ” (Locally optimized)

Photo Alt Tags: Integrated “home window tinting” (Default) / Integrated “home window tinting in Timbuktu” (Locally optimized)

Heading or H tags: Integrated “home window tinting” (Default) / Integrated “home window tinting in Timbuktu” (Locally optimized)

Location maps used: Use standard map with location pin (Default) / Use the map generated by Google My Business (Locally optimized)

You can see that this is just an example of a specific page on your website and how these small local SEO changes can dramatically help that company when someone is looking for their service in Timbuktu.

Set up, review and optimize your Google My Business page – I mentioned the importance of properly setting up a Google My Business page in order for it to display properly in the map pack in a previous article titled “Don’t Make This Huge Marketing Mistake In 2020 (Part 2)” – go to here once again through all the points. All I can say is that it is imperative to any local SEO effort that this page is set up and properly maintained.

As mentioned in the point above, you can also use your Google My Business page to generate a map that can be integrated into your website for directions and tells Google exactly where you are. This will tie all of the SEO on the page to the Google My Business page, giving your business a better chance of doing relevant searches locally.

While this is not a comprehensive guide to local SEO, these are areas that we believe many clients are missing. Standard and Local SEO are an ongoing and moving goal, but getting these basic things right to get your business off the ground when it comes to high localized search rankings is important.


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