New stills from tvN’s ‘Mine’ have been revealed, highlighting the difficulties awaiting you in today’s episode! “Mine” is a drama about a group of strong and ambitious women who overcome social stereotypes to find out what really belongs to them. Lee Bo Young plays Seo Hee Soo, a former top actress who is now married to the second son of the Hyowon Group’s Chaebol family. Jung Seo Hyun, the wife of the Hyowon Group’s first son, is played by actress Kim Seo Hyung.

One scene shows a meeting between Han Ji Yong (Lee Hyun Wook) and Sister Emma (Ye Soo Jung), two people who share one of the most intimate relationships but don’t have to meet yet. The astonishment in the audience comes from Han Ji Yong’s wild look as he takes Sister Emma by the shoulders. Sister Emma had previously indicated that she felt guilty for not properly caring for Han Ji Yong, which resulted in her enduring his arrogant and self-centered behavior.

A covert meeting between Jung Seo Hyun and Lee Hye Jin (Ok Ja Yeon) is shown in another still image and arouses the interest of the audience. After they banded together to assassinate their common enemy, Han Ji Yong, it remains to be seen what new plan they formulate and what role they played in his death.