Artificial intelligence has played an indispensable role in social media marketing as it can perform various tasks with high accuracy and quickly compared to humans. Today, the social media industry is a mammoth industry with applications that have billions of global users. Hence, a huge block of data should be evaluated in order to develop a social media strategy that goes beyond human capabilities. However, AI can perform all of these tasks with ease and in a limited amount of time. In this way, AI offers a multitude of advantages. Marketing journals have stated that the AI ​​market on social media could grow to $ 2.2 billion by 2023. In this article, you will learn what AI can do and how it can be used to be successful in social media marketing.

The role of AI in content curation:

Instead of all tactics, delivering the quality of the content you provide is the critical factor in your success in social media marketing. If you develop content that will pique people’s interest and curiosity about learning about your brand, the opportunities are great for them to transform themselves into your customers. Hence, content plays the dominant role in getting a prospect to reach the bottom of the sales funnel. What if AI single-handedly creates your social media content? While AI has not yet reached this level, it could help you create a compelling social media strategy.

AI helps you better understand your target audience. It scans your target audience’s activities and lets you know what might interest them. With these insights, you can add elements to your social media posts that your potential customers might like. AI tools will give you ideas for writing a great copy until you come up with themes and designs for creating social media posts. Even if you run out of ideas for your social media posts, the AI ​​will help. You can also increase the reach of your social media posts by purchasing paid services. For example, if you buy a TikTok Likes package, you can reach a larger audience.

AI ‘The Social Media Manager’:

AI can do the tasks of a social media manager itself. It can analyze the performance of your campaigns, collect data about your target audience, track their activity on social platforms, manage paid ads, etc. Thus, AI has the potential to do the job of a social media manager. It evaluates various aspects and gives you a report on the areas where you need to improve. It does a comparative analysis of your past and present posts and provides statistics on various aspects such as performance, traction, engagement, etc. This is a great way to see how much you have improved over time. In addition, many plants rely on social media presence. AI can do them at the same time without wasting much time.

Today, millions of people surf through social applications every day. It takes people more time and effort assessing whether anyone can transform into their potential audience. Hence, the chances are very great for them to lose their potential audience in large numbers. AI takes a shorter amount of time to scan the social media accounts and figure out where a person is in your sales funnel. In particular, the ratings of AI tools are the same or more accurate than those of humans. In this way, you can improve your customer base and take your business to the next level through AI.

AI in social listening:

Social listening manages the brand’s reputation on social platforms. The process of reviewing what people are talking about your brand on social channels is social listening. Nowadays, most of the people check the rating on the internet before buying any product. Hence, brands are encouraged to rigorously examine and focus on limiting the negative comments on social platforms. AI will scan the entire social application and notify you when someone has made negative comments about your brand. Finally, you can take the necessary steps and curb the spread of such comments. In addition, AI will also make important suggestions.

Maintain customer relationships with AI chatbots:

Many companies are increasingly using AI chatbots to maintain customer relationships on online platforms. The chatbots can react immediately to customer inquiries. However, they are not equipped for all types of queries. You can interact with customers to a certain extent, e.g. For example, responding to order status, the reason for the delay in delivery, order tracking, etc. Because these chatbots can process any number of customers in a given amount of time, businesses use them. Chatbots are therefore a cost reduction tool as they do the job of an account manager.


The uses of AI are increasing day by day. Almost 75% of B2C companies have indicated that they have improved customer satisfaction through the use of AI. So include AI in your strategy as it can help you meet your sales goals with minimal effort. With much research going on into equipping AI, it is expected that many tasks will be performed efficiently in the years to come.