The FDA hopes the data collected from these brands will aid the agency’s device with an effective marketing plan evaluation strategy when considering market tobacco product (PMTA) applications.

The four FDA-selected companies have 60 days to respond to letters posted on March 17th.

“In light of growing concerns about marketing ENDS products to teenagers, the FDA is trying to better understand the link between increasing teenagers’ exposure to online ENDS marketing and the use of ENDS by teenagers,” the FDA said.

The FDA said a Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) analysis found that most of the leading ENDS brands are using multiple social media platforms to market their products and not using age-restriction tools to prevent that Teens are exposed to their marketing. Additionally, according to the agency, vape companies market through brand ambassadors and influencers or through people with major social media who can be compensated for promoting products.

The four FDA-selected companies have 60 days to respond to letters posted on March 17th. Failure to respond could result in FDA enforcement action.

Vape brands receive warnings for not filing PMTAs

Earlier this year, the agency issued warning letters to 10 vape companies that are still making and selling ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System) products without first receiving a market tobacco product (PMTA) application.

In a press release on its website, the FDA stated that for companies that have filed applications within the set time limit, the FDA will generally postpone enforcement for up to one year until FDA review, unless the FDA takes action negative actions regarding FDA application.

PMTA list published

In addition, last September the agency announced that the normally secretive PMTA process would be released, and the agency will publish a list of all products subject to the deadline for which applications have been made. The announcement was made via a blog post by Mitch Zeller, director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products. At this point, the agency had already received applications for approximately 2,000 e-cigarettes and other newly regulated tobacco products.

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