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The Goodwill Omaha program promotes success for Individuals of Colour with a Social Media Advertising and marketing Certificates


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A new social media program for young adults in Omaha promises to offer its graduates lifelong careers in marketing.

You don’t even need a high school diploma or college to qualify.

Many people see a sign of goodwill and think of clothes. But Goodwill also empowers communities through employment, and its latest initiative with Facebook focuses on diversity and digital literacy for a social media marketing certificate.

“At this point, companies realize that they need to jump on board and not be stupid and expand their network and social media presence,” said Sarah.

It is an accelerated online training course that teaches young Black adults transferable brand management skills. One skill this entrepreneur says is priceless.

“Companies pay for social media managers. There is literally a whole psychology behind branding. Colors, names, fonts, ”said Alona.

At 22, Alona Turner started earning Airbnb. She attributes part of her success to her ability to use social media.

“Everything with branding goes on social media. You need to make sure that you are consistent and professional. Especially with Airbnb. Customers say they want to know if it’s clean. They want to know what they’re getting, ”said Alona.

As a branding advisor, Turner says that with in-depth knowledge of consumer psychology, you will get far. The Goodwill Omaha program provides a level playing field for adults who may not have a diploma or college to compete for marketing jobs in a developing era.

“Especially in the last year and a half since the pandemic, there are hundreds of thousands of people who work for home. This only creates more opportunities for these people to be more flexible in their working hours and ways of working, ”said Linda.

The online courses can be taken at home or in the Goodwill office. After 100 hours of training, a job placement specialist helps the graduates to find a career.

“Help prepare for an interview, an application, even an interview,” said Linda.

Goodwill says the Facebook certificate is respected in the marketing industry. Turner says there are permanent opportunities for young, black, aspiring professionals to make money doing what they love.

“You like sports, technology and fashion. You are able to meet all of these diverse interests simply by helping the business. And they’ll pay a ton, ”said Alona.

They are taking on 10 people from now until the end of the year and will have another cohort in 2022. Again, you must be at least 18 years old, identify yourself as a Person of Color and have a passion for social media.

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