2020 was the most unpredictable year of our lives. The coronavirus has shaken the earth badly. However, there have been some very notable changes that would affect our decisions about how to conduct our marketing activities.

To get more information about the changes in marketing, TalkWalker interviewed around 70 frontline experts and marketing specialists and asked them about their thoughts and trends for the coming year.

Some of the experts’ predictions included:

1. The effects of a conscious social audience

Today’s generation already knows global problems and how companies deal with them. Therefore, in 2021, businesses need to be more aware of their customers ‘mental health and take action to improve their customers’ mental health.

2. The rise of digital disinformation

A lot of misinformation and false news circulated that year, which changed people’s plans for the future. Therefore, in 2021, businesses should focus more on telling the truth and avoiding the spread of fake news.

3. Social media giants are adapting to the new normal

All platforms that benefit now will continue to win in 2021 and beyond. The researchers even say that they will familiarize themselves with the latest trends and be victorious forever.

4. Old School Marketing for a New School

In times of uncertainty, the old systems often reappear as people would prefer to use proven marketing practices. Hence, old school marketing will increase in 2021.

5. Social gaming = social gaming

Since the lockdown began, more and more people have been interested in video and mobile games. You are now playing games not just to win, but to distract yourself from boredom. Hence, companies can market their products through gaming networks.

6. A little more conversation marketing

Nowadays, customers not only prefer the news published by the companies, they also want the companies to examine the social issues and have better connections with their stakeholders.

7. Nostalgia Marketing

During this pandemic, people prefer happiness, and seeing companies market their products from earlier times makes customers more excited and happier.

8. Memetic messages

Nowadays, memes are growing in popularity and the public doesn’t leave a chance to toast things and these memes can be offensive so companies should try to stay safe from these memes

9. The 4 Cs of the coronavirus content

Even if the coronavirus pandemic ends in 2021, but many people will still be trauma, companies should have a communication style with the 4 Cs of coronavirus that is community, contactless, cleanliness and compassion.

10. Remixing is the new UGC

Companies can also mix their content with the public’s favorite apps like TikTok and Snapchat. This way, the companies get a wider audience and more content for their brand.
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