There are many marketing podcasts to choose from, but the most popular doesn’t necessarily mean the best. The podcasts below do a great job of informing, refreshing, interviewing, and some even add a little humor to it. Check out the seven podcasts every marketer should be listening to.

Drunk Marketing

Connor Clay and Chellsea Mastroine discuss marketing and other random things – like pork chops – while sipping on some drinks. The team has talked about more mainstream topics like Super Bowl ads – but also personal stuff, like on an episode when Clay talked about taking a Twitter break to regain his attention span. This podcast is easy to digest and charmingly understandable.

Marketing with Wharton’s Hip Hop Prof.

Wharton Marketing Professor Americus Reed – aka Hip Hop Prof – hosts the podcast, which covers a range of marketing topics. He does deep dives with experts and podcasts also cover the latest market research – like using love to build brand relationships. Reed is a personal branding expert himself and leans on this podcast with knowledge and personality.

Household name

Like a crime podcast, former NPR reporter Dan Bobkoff walks back into the history of famous brands – like Martha Stewart’s Trial and Come Back, and the sexy past of TGI Friday. Bobkoff interviews several people to showcase the rich and complex timeline of the biggest well-known brands.

Marketing today with Alan Hart

Host Alan Hart speaks to CMOs and other marketing directors for tips and insights into their strategies. On one episode, Hart spoke to Kristi Argyilan, Senior SVP Marketing at Target, about how the company was reaching Gen Z audiences. On another episode, he has a discussion with author Seth Godin about his latest book This Is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See.

The marketing companion

Marketing experts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster bring humor to the latest trends and topics in marketing. The podcast addresses the challenges of adopting new technologies such as driverless cars. The Marketing Companion also covered emotional connections with brands that rule the internet, the relevance of social media marketing, and of course the most important of all the consequences of mercury in regression.

Marketing geeks

Marketing Geeks’ Justin Womack and Andros Sturgeon cover current events like Fyre Festival marketing and Burning Man’s organic marketing and create a compelling email marketing headline to engage your audience.

Social benefits

This podcast is all about social media and content marketing. Moderators Jay Baer and Adam Brown interview leading social media experts and discuss topics like influencer marketing, AI, and even topics of how Purple became the most effective advertiser on Facebook. Each episode ranges from 30 minutes to an hour.